YZF R1 favorite tires?


What's everyone's favorite tires to run, I try to ride all year. I'm from Vancouver Canada so it gets cold but also very warm in the summer. I feel like my current tires don't grip the way I'd like them too. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. ­čŹ╗

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  1. On the 03 R1 I had a blast with Q3’s.
    Current 15 R1 has P. Diablo Supercorsas, I’m sure these wont do as well in the cold.

    Location: Las Vegas (115+ summer, 15 +/- Winter)

  2. M7RR’s are a great all round tire. Great dry grip and very confidence inspiring in the wet. Wet wheelies no problem.

  3. Dunlup Q3. Hold strong in twisties

  4. I used to run Q3’s for Track tires. Had to switch to Q4’s though.
    For street tires it depends on which bike and how I plan on riding it. Q3+ for riding twisties. Michelin pilot road 4’s or 5’s for just commuting. I’ll also run track takeoffs on the street if I’m being cheap.

  5. I live in country and was runnin about 95 yesterday and the Q3 i felt so hooked to ground in turns at that speed

  6. Black round ones

  7. Michelin pilot power 2ct…. Hot cold excellent grip, even wet. My go to tire.

  8. Q3 without a question, summers are anywhere from 100* in the summer to spring and fall getting down to below 30* haven’t had an issue

  9. Michelin pilot road 5s

  10. I am in Calgary and ran the Q3+ this year and it was fan-fricken-tactic. I would not recommend it as a wet tire, but if your mostly out in the dry, the tire had good grip across all temperatures, and gave a ton of confidence on my flashed 13. Never had them on wet though, just lucky this year I guess.

  11. Angel GT’s.

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