Yamaha Pannier Locks Single Key Operation


Hi All,
These instructions tell you how to change the tumblers in the pannier locks so that one key operates the bike locks and the panniers.
Tried and tested years ago on my Tracer 700 and just tried on my FRJ panniers that are now on my Tracer 900!! Please read several times before completing this process to ensure you feel confident!

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    Seems crazy that the lock kit is more expensive than a new lock or am I missing something?


      the kit has a complete barrel, cover and spring/tumblers, however the cover was a different fit for the 700 or FJR cases. In reality you only need the tumblers and springs, however the lock barrels on my FJR cases had been around the planet a few times and were very worn. You can just buy the kit and change the tumblers if you wish and you should be able to do two locks from one kit (depending on your key number).


      This might come in really handy thanks for sharing as I’ve just bought a Tracer 900 and the previous owner lost the keys to the ABS Soft panniers as well as the Frame Stays. Just got to find a way of getting the luggage off the stays first and buying new locks I guess. That’s assuming Yamaha don’t do replacement keys?


      Yamaha will do you keys if you know the number! If you have a key that you can measure then you are on to a winner you can use that doc to measure the key and generate a number; if not I think you will need to trash the lock to remove it…


    I’ve been meaning to look into this for years. I’ve got a 17 Tracer and the locks on the panniers don’t match the ignition key. Does anyone know if you can reuse any pins in the pannier locks that match the ignition key and skip any pins that are different sizes after that? Security isn’t really much of a priority for me, I normally just travel with a bag on the back seat that carries my important stuff anyway..

    In case anyone’s wondering, I measured my pannier key and ignition key, and turns out they have an equal number of 4.5/5.5/6.5mm thickness. So I just had to swap three pins around following the instructions in the PDF. Thanks David for the post and the info to get it done. Only took me about three years.

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