Strongest crash bars beside Yamaha?


What’s the strongest crash bars beside yamaha?

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  1. The only crashbars I have seen that resulted with broken engine cases are the Yamaha ones. I would never install the Yamaha bars on anything.

  2. Bunker is probably the strongest, but also one of the heaviest

  3. Heed
    But first you have to think some other things also
    What skip plate
    Or your package because are not all fit one company with some other company
    Here you see heed up down and back crash bars
    Thor skip plate doesn’t fit
    Also yamaha rally skip plate does not fit you have to cut something
    As you see in the foto
    So my opinion is to think about how you want to set up and if your idea fit with what we have in the market
    Heed heed heed

  4. Heed bunker, half the cost and perfect fitment compared motortech, welds are better too. Nothing mounts to the engine cases etc.
    Yamaha ones are terrible

  5. SRC Moto are the best I have seen for a while. They are super strong and well made and look really good

  6. Heed, Bunker style.

  7. Heed. Probably heaviest. Definitely strongest.

  8. Heeeeeeeeeeeed

  9. Big fan of SW Motech as you can see these bars have taken a beating and protected bike very well

  10. SW Motech upper and lowers. I have numerous falls on these bars in race and tough offroad conditions with no issues.

  11. My SW Motech upper & lower bars have held up very well to multiple (and I mean multiple) falls.

  12. Outback Motortek

  13. Scott adventure

  14. Another vote for heed

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