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Hello guys, which one I should prefer, Scala or Sena bluetooth headset? Thanks, Ride safe!

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  1. Scala everyday!

  2. Been running with a Sena 20S for two seasons. I’m happy with it. Don’t know much about Scala.

  3. Had both, G9 and G9x, now a Sena 20s and never looked back! Blows the scala’s out of the water. Seriously don’t waste your time with a Scala, plus the Sena can connect to scaler Riders, and if you have to Sena’s you can listen to music and then talk over the music at the same time.

  4. Unclear system for group riding or bike to bike.

  5. I’ve had a sena 10 for about five years. It’s been pretty good. The first one crapped out in a few months and they replaced it with no questions. Then this year, their customer service helped me unbrick it, after I screwed up a firmware update. We use them in groups, and they work pretty well.

  6. I started with a Sena 5. Got the 20 to do a better job of talking with Garmin and iPhone. Happy with it, though not perfect. Never had the Scala, but I’d buy the Senas again with no regret.

  7. Plus with the Sena you can charge it while you use it, I’ve only had to do it once when I forgot and let it die, ridden all day and it works great no charging needed! I have the headphones in the helmet, but most of the time I use earbuds through the headphone port, the g9x had that I think but not the g9

  8. Sena is the way to go.. used the 10 for a few years and just upgraded to the 20 this year.. they can be finicky with pairing sometimes but once you figure it out they work really well.

  9. I have both. We just got our Scala but the Sena I brought as a duel pack has been nothing but trouble. Firstly the advertise that they have a 2km range. Don’t believe it mine lost connection after 100meters. I have sent back the units 6 times so far. Some for bad range others because of a manufacturing fault that let’s them pop off for no reason (the clip that holds is only 3 mm long). The background noise is unbearable on the sena you have to turn them down so you don’t hear the engine of other bikes.. So far the Scala has been excellent, the range isn’t great but you can daisy chain them together up to 5 kilometres, it does this by boosting the signal between riders and then retransmitting it.. Really do you research but this is the best place to ask questions because a lot of us have used both.. If you want any more information feel free to PM me. Cheers Ross

  10. I got the sena 20S and a freewire for my goldwing. I like being able to get off the bike and not have to unplug anything. The only drawback for meis th battery life. I do long distance riding and about 5 hours is all the sena will do.

    • Interesting. We haven’t drained ours yet, and we do all day rides. In fact, there have been few times we’ve come back to our bikes after eating lunch and discovered our two sets were in chatting with each other.

    • Fortunately you can also charge the Sena while you’re riding, if needed. Others don’t do that.

    • On the freeware you can but you need a cigarette lighter plug. I only have USB plugs. You can unplug from the system cord and plug in a micro USB. The headset could probably be plugged in but then your back to being tethered with a wire again.

    • Sandy, only until its charged. That beats not having the headset, right? The headset should work while it’s charging too, which is certainly not typical for such things.

    • I get 18 hours on my Sena 20s listening to audiobooks or pandora. If it goes out or gets weak after that, I use a USB hook up from my battery tender to make it live. Or a battery pack using the same cords.

    • I’ll have to be creative to charge and use but I really only get about 5 hours out of both the headset and the freeware.

    • I used to get a day and a half out of my Sena and that is with the audio from my wife’s Goldwing coming through all the time.

    • Sandy, the Freewire attaches to the bike, right? So why not just power it off the bike. Done correctly it’ll even power up when you start the bike. Check here for more info:

    • I have the SR 10 that can do the same thing then they brought out the free wire..

    • Kevin, The only issue I have with that is that the charger cord is a cigarette lighter plug. I don’t have one on my bike nor do I plan to put one on it. In fact I replaced the one that the previous owner had installed with a USB power plug. To use the mico USB plug, you have to unplug from the bike which makes the Freewire unusable while charging. My plan for now is to have a wiring savy friend replace the lighter end of the charging wire with a USB plug so that I can charge and use. I know I can plug the headset in while using which I mentioned earlier but then I am tethered to the bike with a wire. It’s less inconvenience that the wired headset and I will deal with that.. I’m just wondering why I am only getting 5 hours and others appear to be getting days of use between charges, not just for the headset but for the Freewire unit as well.. Hmmmmm

    • Here’s more info from Sena. I didn’t realize that using the Sena Freewire you’d need to have two of them in order for your passenger to share your music, etc.

    • Kevin John I’ll have to read up on that one but it is my understanding that you can share music with any other sena headset you are pared too through the 20S headset. ‘m not sure if the any of the other models do that.

    • The Scala Packtalk has that music sharing and can connect to 8 riders in a daisy chain so the front rider can talk to the rear rider up to 5 kilometres away. I have had 6 20S Sena units and they have all failed.

    • Sandy, the last link was a video from Sena. Maybe they just want to sell more units. LOL

  11. Scala packtalk! Sena 20s is good if you only plan on connecting 2 together. Any more than 2 they sound terrible.

  12. No contest definitely Sena

    • Have you used both?

    • We used to sell both – failure rate on Scala lead to us only carrying Sena now – virtually zero failure rate.

    • I must have been unlucky to have had 6 Sena’s fail because they would only get 100 meters distance or the little clip that holds them on used to break. They now make one side out of metal but the other side is still .plastic and fails because of wear against the metal clip..

    • I’ve been a Scala rider for years. Never had a reason to need a change

  13. Sena 20s. Harley even sells them now with the H-D logo! LOL Seriously, the 20s can do everything you’d expect and some things you probably never thought about. They’re rated to be the best. (Of course the H-D edition costs more, so don’t go that route! ?)

  14. We have had the Scala for 5-6 years. The background noise is pretty bad. It stays on because of the wind so you hear it all the time. The battery on mine has gotten where it won’t stay on very long at all. I called Scala. They said you can not replace battery. You have to buy a new unit. Phone calls are great with it. Distance is not what they advertise though

  15. My SENA 20s just quit working yesterday. Next month my 2 year warranty is up. Let’s see if the company will honor their warranty. Otherwise, having owned the 20s as well as a Scala, I’d choose the Sena every time. More range, easier to use, far quicker recharging, clearer sound, can connect up to non-Sena units.

  16. Sena is definitely recommended by alot of seasoned riders world wide, however I’ve used the cheaper like the uclear and sound is the difference , Scala isn’t bad but again sound quality (audio and communicator sucks), chatterbox sucks.

  17. I take my Harley radio system over anything else, tried Sena didn’t compare.

  18. I have both Sena and Pack Talk. I prefer the Scala. My Sena is older and doesn’t have Mesh Com. The change to Pack Talk for group riding is amazing.

  19. Save a big wad of cash, go on Amazon, and order the ones by Buyee. They are clear, the battery lasts forever, and around 100 bucks for a pair.

    • Its the connectivity of an on name brand that makes it worth the money.

    • I have not tried to connect to any other brands, everyone I have ridden with have these same pair. All I need to connect with is my passenger and maybe a tailgunner or road captain, if I’m in a group, and my other friends have the same set up. Not sure that the other connectivity is worth 400 bucks. I can call them through my cell phone, that has unlimited minutes.

    • Myers truthfully, that’s where I see them of value. With lead and tail.

  20. Scala for me. I get 12 hrs talk time, had no issues, 5 yrs old.

  21. Like my Sena 20s. The only downside is it can be difficult at times to re-pair to a friend via bluetooth.

  22. LG wireless bluetooth the best used them for years.

  23. Sena. Love mine

  24. I had scala and did not like it . Too noisy – and a pairing nightmare ….

  25. Sena I use to have Scala and switched.

  26. I’ve had scala, sena and a few others next is going to be J&M

    • J&M for Bluetooth? I’d spoken to the owners at a rally and the guy was obnoxious! He wasn’t at all helpful with questions about Bluetooth connectivity. Most people shopping for gear that day were buying elsewhere. That’s easy to do when vendor tents are all lined up next to each other. LOL

    • Good to know, thanks.

  27. Sena hands down.

  28. I have a SENA and have had no problems. It fits inside my shoei Modular helmet.

  29. Sena, if you’re using it for music.

  30. Check ebay for Sena, but it also depeneds. Are you talking to someone that has a Sena .. or someone with a scala. I think with Sena new software they can pare with other bluetooths

  31. I have had both Scala G4 and G9x, Sena. The G4 was pretty good so then I bought a set of G9x and I found them bad and very little support. So I went and bought Sena and have no regrets.

  32. We have sena for the last 5 years and have been very happy with them.

  33. I used a Sena 20s that has been flawless.

  34. We have Sena 10 and like them. 20 just gives more channels which we don’t need.

  35. I use sena and have not tried any others but the people I call csnnotntell I’m on the bike.

    • Same! It’s funny when they realize I’m doing 80 on the interstate! Yeah I don’t have a pen and paper in front of me…

  36. I use sena.. but im impartial, they’re good but they dont blow my mind! haha.. im sure there is other good products out there.

  37. This……$12. Velcro’d to my helmet, speaker (below) attaches via 3.5mm jack. The chrome adapter comes out. Had it for months with no issue. I even got a 2 year warranty for a buck! Rating speaks for itself! One touch on. One touch off. Speaker up and down on top.

  38. And this…..$35……$50 for both. If you want phone spend $10 more on the speakers with mic. I just wanted music and GPS. You will hear calls / texts come in if you want to know who, look down. Don’t buy cheap speakers. They won’t work. These are awesome. I can even hear them with ear plugs in.

    • That’s great if those features are all you need. I need more!

      • Not everybody needs a $300-400 Bluetooth. I have a phone via bluetooth that does everything I need. I don’t care about phone calls while riding, but I can get any message. If its urgent, I pull over. And it will connect 2 people (passenger)

  39. Biggest reason I switched from Scala to Sena was the Scala had only one Bluetooth channel, meaning if you were listening to music and someone chimed in to talk with younn your music would stop and then the person coujld talk to you. With the Sena, there are multiple channels so you can program it to either reduce the music volume during an intercom conversation, but you can still hear the music, or have no reduction in the music volume. This is Sena’s audio multitasking on the 20s.

  40. Have a scala Q3. Just got a Sena SMH10. Love the Sena more. Easy to use even with gloves. Use it to communicate with my girl when riding in a group. She has her own ride. 1/2 mile range and it is awesome! Better 2 way communication than the Scala.

  41. Happy with our Sena s-20’s. We can get 1/2 mile (Line of sight) but like around a corner, no. But the clarity is good 90% of the time. we get some slight “clicking interference” sometimes, but not enough to make it an issue. Have not been able to tie it directly to anything like power lines yet or whatever. We did a far amount of looking and reading before we committed to the Sena, and I know more people with them.

  42. Scala Rider Packtalk seems way better than my 6 Sena units that I have had. But I guess it’s down to the individual. I was about to send my Sena back for the 7th time till I got a really good deal on the Scala Packtalk The voice control works well, connection of other riders is easy and the DMC (Dynamic Network Communication works good). The App for your phone is a breeze to use giving you all you need right there at your fingertips. The voice control and connection to 8 riders makes it perfect for me.

  43. I like my old Sena. Has worked great since I’ve owned it.

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