Bighorns on a CForce 800


Anyone running 28″ Bighorns on a cforce 800? Did you have to do any trimming or clutch work ?

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  1. Shouldn’t have to. I think you can go 30’s

  2. You should be able to go 30 without trimming. I went 30 but also did a lift

  3. In my opinion, the stag tires the 1000’s come with are far better than what you have. My sons 800 Zforce has your tires and my 1000 Zforce has the 28” stag tires (pretty much a copy of the big horn)far better for wear and on/off road.

    • to be fair I’m fine with the performance of the stock tires. Just want to take of advantage of the fact that I can probably sell them easily while they still have the stripes on them and upgrade to something a little more durable.

    • oh ya I totally agree with you. I was just offering an opinion in regards of your question about the bighorns. You shouldn’t have to do any clutching as the 800 has the grunt for 28’s. also you can calibrate your speedometer via your gauge cluster if you did go bigger

    • got a write up on how to adjust the speedo? Mine off quite a bit from factory.

    • it only has the options of choosing the tire sizes if you change size other then what it came with. I myself haven’t tried it but my son has. I know my Zforce 1000 is out also,, l found out with gps.

  4. You are right the stock cst abuzz are soft and garbage. I’d suggest that black waters will serve you better than big horns. 28s won’t be an issue either.

  5. I just but 28 inch bearclaws on mie seem to be decent in everything. 8 ply radials

  6. Running bighorn on summer tire and on snow bighorn pined 29 on my cforce800 no need to play with the clutch

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