Bike not starting after sitting for two weeks.


Anyone have problems with the bike(daytona 675) not starting after sitting for two weeks? Had the problems about two months ago and replaced the battery because the old one was reading 9v. Went to get on the bike today (after letting it sit for two weeks) and it turned the motor once but wouldn’t start. Pushed started it and ran fine. Let it sit for an hour and started just fine. The battery charges fine while running. To me it seems like something is drain my battery but I’m not sure what would be causing it. Update: Not starting again. Won’t even turn over now… just clicks. Checked the voltage while trying to start it and nothing is being pulled from the battery.

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  1. All 675’s put a draw on the battery when they sit idle. If you have a lithium battery it will drain it below it’s working voltage after a few weeks. You need a maintenance charger.

  2. My bike sat for 2 weeks with a lithium battery and started first time, didn’t need a maintenance charger. If you need a maintenance charger, you need to ride more or get a better battery.

  3. My new battery is a Pb battery. Motobatt MB7U. So I shouldn’t need a battery tender.

  4. I’ve had my stock one that’s from 2012 sit for a month and it started fine.

  5. The battery on the 675 is just tiny. Keep a battery tender on it while not in use or disconnect the ground.

  6. Do you have an alarm/immobiliser? If so, that’ll drain the battery if sat for long periods.

  7. It’s a little baby battery, plus immobiliser and alarm on mone means it fails after a week and a half!

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