90 Octane Ethanol Free or 93 Octane With Ethanol


Hello, which is better: 90 octane ethanol free or 93 octane with ethanol ?

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  1. Was wondering same thing.

  2. 97 no ethanol is all I use

  3. 90 ethanol free is my choice given these two options….

  4. Can only speak of effects on older carbureted engines. Ethanol sucks! You better not let us sit in carbs very long. Small idle passes plugs, turns gaskets into mush. Can only imagine what it does to injectors and pumps.

  5. Ethonal evap in tanks harms it right? [Being Facetious]

  6. Not a fan of ethanol made my older bikes run like hell.

  7. No ethanol.its corrosive ok on new efi with plastic parts otherwise dont touch it

  8. Ethanol is shit & will cause corrosion everywhere

  9. I was told no less than 93 oct

  10. I’m using 95 to 98 octane no ethanol and never had a problem for the last 3 year with my Chieftain 111. The mighty Elite is on the same fuel now as well

  11. Ethonal is bad news.

  12. corn is to feed cows, not Indians,,,,,, NON ethanol

  13. Some areas of the US non ethanol is available. However in San Antonio it is not available. Non ethanol is the best. I wish our country would eliminate it. It concerns me because now they are pushing blended pumps with 15% ethanol. In a blended pump the amount left over from the previous pump in the hose would damage the motorcycle, lawnmower or other small engine.

  14. There are 6 stations in San Antonio that have ethanol free gas.. check the pure gas app

  15. Ethonol free.

  16. Ethanol free

  17. Depends on how much octane your motor really Needs. If it doesn’t ping on the 90 then it’s the best.

  18. 100 Octane VP racing fuel. Ethanol free and only costs 9 dollars a gallon.

  19. Download the Pure Gas app. It will tell you closest stations with ethanol free and then map it for you. I know most local stations with the Right Stuff, but this helps when you are out and about as the Indian should be.

  20. There is a station just a few miles from me, just east of Toledo, that has ethanol free gas. Goes for about $3.40 a gallon. They call it recreational gas, 90 octain, I have been using it all riding season and so have a few friends. The thing we have all noticed is better gas milage by about 10-15% and a noticeable increase in engine power.

  21. Living in a big city. Closest corn free is 30 miles away. No problems yet. But I add Sea Foam for winter storage. My older bikes hate the stuff.

  22. Define “better”. Both will have pros and cons

  23. Australia 98 only

  24. Ethanol damages your motor

  25. No ethanol is always better. So the 90 would be better for your bike. It also depends on how much you use your bike. If it sits for weeks at a time ethanol with jell and cause problems.

  26. Anything fuel injected can handle ethanol.

  27. 91 ethanol free

  28. No ethanol is always better

  29. I use leaded…. I have a surplus stored underground from the 70’s

  30. 90 no corn

  31. I have a question…. Does Diesel go bad like Gasoline? My new kubota Tractor has been sitting Idle for several months….. Should I worry about Diesel Fuel going silly?

    • Yes. It’s not the fuel that goes bad per say. It’s the moisture that gets in it that fucks shit up

    • I drive rigs, if you’re lucky your tractor has an actual fuel water separator “filter” on it — like all the big rigs do. After you run it for a little while look for an inline filter with a nozzle of some kind on the bottom. Open nozzle for a few seconds, close, do this a few times before the tank is empty. If you let too much fuel out and the lines de pressurize and it won’t start, don’t worry, you either need to cycle the key (wait while key in on position for pump to stop whining) or find the manual pump (usually near filter) and go at that for quite a while until it gets hard to pump.

  32. I use the best available… It’s only ~5 gallons.

  33. We were on a ride and stopped for gas at the only small station for miles. They only had one grade 87 octane. Bike ran like a champ the whole way home.

  34. Nothing near by for 50 miles. Is the highest premium available just as good? Now I will have to check out the pump when I get gas.

  35. I have been in the oil business for 43 years now. Ethanol makes no difference. The fuel system is designed to handle the harsh effects on seals and gaskets. When Ethanol was first blended into fuels there were lots of problems with anything the fuel mixture came in contact with

  36. I’d dump some water in the tank helps clean carbon off the valves steam cleans them

  37. Found a station that has 100 octane. Thinking about running a tank of that every now and then. Opinions?

    • My brother ran 100 octane Aviation gas in his motorcycle one. Blew a hole through the top of a piston in just a few miles. I run what is recommended by the manufacture.

  38. Ethanol actually has 10% less energy content per unit than regular gas, so if it’s 10% ethanol that’s like regular gas with 1% less power. And 90 is way the fuck more than fine. The ONLY thing increased octane does is make fuel harder to burn. No shit, that’s all. If you aren’t pinging, knocking, or pre detonating, and you put more expensive gas in, you’re wasting money. If you wonder about these dudes putting in 100 octane, Google placebo effect. In this case, scientifically 90 no E is unquestionably superior.

  39. I run 94 no ethanol up in canada, up here by law, 91 and above are not allowed to mix in ethanol, probably has something to do with our winter and condensation, ethanol corrodes everything it comes in contact with

  40. Why do people think they need such high octane on stock compression?

    • Why? Some engines require higher octane because the “stock compression” is much higher that your average Toyota Corolla.

    • No Indian needs 100LL av gas. All you’ll do is gum up your valves and exhaust with raw fuel deposits.

    • Landon You’d get those sort of deposits only if your fuel system was screwed up….100 octane only means that you’re using a higher number than you need (I generally run 91 premium pure gas)…

    • Higher octane means the fuel takes more compression to detonate. By using higher octane fuel you’re not getting an efficient, clean burn.

  41. Indian requires 92 octane. So that’s what I use. Ethanol is all that’s available here, unfortunately. So that’s what I (and everyone else in this state) uses. Amazingly, there isn’t a line out of every service departments door, of bikes damaged by ethanol……. Ethanol in modern engines is fine. It used to be a problem, when first introduced, on older vehicles not designed to run it. Today? It’s no better or worse.

  42. Ethanol is really bad for marine engines because it may sit off-season and cause lots of problems in the fuel system. You can typically find Ethanol-free gas near lakes.

  43. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of response! Ethanol free for various reasons.

  44. An experience rider told me that off season you must never store your bike with ethanol . For my the only choice is to run 94 Chevron gas. During riding season I have no choice but to get what’s available. I am going to make sure my last tank is 94 and use fuel stabilizer

  45. Make sure you use the stabilizer for ethanol, (the blue stuff)

  46. I run 100 octane. 93 from the pump and Royal Purple octane booster. And with all the SWAG professionals on here I make my own decision

  47. Non issue. A little ethanol will not hurt modern motorcycles. Octane is a rating of failure point not btu’s per gallon. Indian recommends 91 or better octane. Ethanol blends will make more energy but decreases fuel mileage.

  48. If you run ethanol free you are robbing yourself of horsepower. I have had my zx6r dyno d with e0 and e10 back to back and the e0 made 6 less horsepower.

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