Are the road tyres a harder compound?


Anybody any thoughts on this.
I have a cforce 550, used mainly on road.
Leaning towards road tyres but the look really thin as opposed to off road tyres. Question is are the road tyres a harder compound, concerned about tyre wear. (Road tyres are a bit cheaper).
Thanks for any help.

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  1. Look for a crossover tyre (good on both surfaces), tyre wear is low, and they are very driveable.
    Best choice: Maxxis Ceros
    (A bit) cheaper variants of the Ceros were made by Duro and SunF > Duro Frontier and SunF A043. Both are not as good as the Ceros but for a lot of people they’ll do.

  2. I have 2900 miles on the set in the center pic.about half tread now and will buy them again

  3. Personally, if I were to put road tires on my ZForce (can’t legally drive them on the road here, so I won’t be doing so, but if I could…) I’d be putting winter car tires on, even for the summer. Reasoning? Because winter car tires are going to still have a fairly soft compound with open tread blocks to retain some semblance of off-road traction, and while they would wear faster than summer tires you’re still going to get 40-50,000 km out of them, which is probably longer than the machine will last (40-50k would be extremely high km for any ATV, from any brand). I would go with an “old school” tread design, such as the Hercules Avalanche Extreme rather than a newer directional style.
    In fact eventually I plan on getting a set of 15″ wheels and putting some studded Avalanche snow tires on, not for road use but for winter use – our trails become extremely icy in winter, and with the ground frozen there is no need for a mud tire

  4. Middle ones are great had them on my Honda

  5. if you are going road tires try getting a small all terrain road tire for cars/trucks? might be worth a shot

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