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  1. Better life out the rs

  2. Supercorsa 4 track, RS 4 road.

  3. Supercorsas, got them on my RSV4 cause that’s standard but I wouldn’t use anything else now. And before you say anything about the chicken strip these tires aren’t that old and haven’t been riding much cause I’d weather

  4. I use power rs – great on the road, superb on the track

  5. Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Motorcycle Tire

  6. Diablo Rosso Corsa II all day long…

  7. I have the power rs on my 2011 and love them

  8. what are you using them for?

  9. Super, faster tip ins

  10. I love the people that come in with options the OP didn’t ask about.

    Partial to the power RS myself. As soon as these Bridgestones run out I’m putting a set back on.

  11. Supercorsa is way nicer but expensive. Power rs is way cheaper but only good not great.

  12. Piggy backing off this question; which tires do you guys prefer for track riding?? Currently using Q3+ and very happy but curious what the faster guys are using before switching to actual slicks. ’13 R1 for ref.

  13. Diablo supercorsa trackday

  14. Super corsa sp v3 200/60 rear 120/70 front

  15. I like the super Corsa’s. I get a set of SC 2s V1 for a great price. I ride track A grp and canyons. mileage is not in the equation for me. The SCs have always worked great for me

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