Best tire for my Tenere 700


Not long had my T7 – great bike! Now I’m looking at changing the stock tyres to something a little more off-road friendly. Something durable, good enough on road but performs well off-road. Any help?

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  1. Michelin Anakee Wild

  2. I am going to go with the Motoz Tractionator Adventure when I replace my stock tires.

  3. Bridgestone battleax ax41 have treated me well so far. Getting the stock tire off the rear wheel was very painful. No matter what tire you go with, have a shop do the first change as the stock tires really are that difficult to work.

  4. I’ve been checking them out too.

  5. Dunlop D908 Rear and 606 front if you riding tech

  6. Dunlop Trail max for 50/50

  7. Motoz rallz 👍

  8. Michelin Anakee wilds

  9. I put the Mitas tyres on, great tyre for the money

  10. Pirelli MT 21

  11. Just fitted ax41 to mine but will probably go mitas next time which are even more off-road orientated. The Bridgestone however are much better than the stock tyres on the trail.

  12. I’m running the Dunlop Trailmax Missions. So far they are exceeding the hype. Equal grip to knobbies in just about every thing I have done with them. Only weakness is heavy mud, but I don’t encounter that often. I am riding the SCAR with them and the very very technical stuff in my area.

  13. I’m fitting Kenda big blocks this morning as I couldn’t get anything else and I have worn out the stock tyres. I found the stock tyres were pretty good except in very sloppy, slippery mud and still managed to get through, up and over a complete mix of terrain and they were really good on the road. I think people moan too much and should ride more.

  14. blocks for gravel roads and better cruising on the highway, knobs for trails, mud etc. You can’t have both, so choose where you want to ride more and make the necessary sacrifices.

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