Best Tire For CFMoto 600


What tires do yall suggest? And size for 21 600

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Answers ( 8 )

  1. I did zillas. I have 350 miles on stock tires. Held up great. Not great in any mud and loose gravel.

  2. I’ll be going with 27” SunF A033’s on mine after the break in period. But my question is… dealership said any modifications within the first year voids the warranty… including tires?! Anybody know truth to that?

  3. If you run ANY roads stay away from the swamp lites.
    They wear quickly.
    What kind of riding do you do ?

  4. I just ordered 28” kenda executioners will be here thursday

  5. 28” mega mayhems with 1.5 spacer. I like the stance with spacers way better than stock. Put a clutch kit way different machine no rub at all

  6. 28 inch Kenda Executioners

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