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In regards to a recent post on here about lightening the clutch pull, I'll share what I did with the clutch on my wife's 2020 Xtrainer 300. From a design standpoint, Beta needs to deliver a bike with a clutch that works for 100% of their customers, this includes the 300lb person riding sand dunes in 5th gear pinned. A slipping clutch would be unacceptable, us as owners would surely be frustrated. It turns out my wife is not a 300lb person riding sand dunes, but rather a 130lb intermediate rider attacking slower more technical single track. The stock clutch springs are overkill for her situation. I went to my local motorcycle shop (KTM/Husq/Kawi) and had the parts guy search "clutch spring", multiple results turned up. I compared the options to a stock spring I had brought in. I found KTM part number 50332005000, it had a reduced length, a reduced wire diameter and the same inner diameter. Each spring was only $6, I bought 3. I replaced 3 of the stock springs with the 3 KTM springs (the 2020 clutch has 6 springs). The clutch pull felt much lighter, same as the trials bikes we've got. I threw a "plate" on the bike and took it out on a proof run. I weigh 180lb, the pavement was dry, and I did multiple 6 gear pulls at WOT. No slipping! This mod has worked well for her, less fatigue, more fun and only $18.


Lightening the clutch | X Trainer

Lightening the clutch | X Trainer

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  1. Dobra robota ale do hard enduro siu0119 nie nadaje

  2. Wonder if the same part will fit the 2019

  3. Very good mod.

  4. When u say you threw a ‘plate’ on there, what are you referring to ?

  5. I bought the tworide clutch springs, they work great.

  6. You can also add washers to reduce the spring tension.

  7. Wonder if this would work on mine too. Jason this would help with the clutch being so damn hard to pull?

  8. I might need to give that a go

  9. Read a report from a guy that simply removed 2-3 springs resulting in light clutch and no slipping.

  10. Great tip, thanks. Just ordered some springs myself.

  11. Awesome I’m going to try this on my next oil change

  12. Did it today. It’s really nice.

  13. I did the mod – it’s truly a one finger clutch now.

  14. FYI. Updateu2014-
    I did exactly what Jason Miller prescribed, ordered the springs from my local KTM shop. Took about 1 hour total to install. Just rode a 2 day DS, I can pull the clutch with 1 finger and it is perfect. My son had to help me up a SOB slimy hill, and after climbing off, ‘Damn, your clutch is SWEEEET !’ I Love it. Just do it if in question.

  15. I did this mod today with the KTM springs, I use a Mid West clutch lever, also did the washer mod on the other 3 stock Springs .
    I did some Top Gear pulls on some steep hills on the road, no slippage at all .
    My weight is 70Kg without gear, the effort to pull the lever in is almost non existent.
    Highly recommended.

  16. Emily see part number above.

  17. Beta 300 X Trainer 2020 has a heavy clutch pull so I had a look inside and decided to remove 2 of the spring assemblies. Have had no issues and its as light as my friends 2022 diaphram clutch model 300 X Trainer.

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