Dunlop Sportmax Q3 for YZF R1?


Who here's running Dunlop Sportmax Q3? My R1 is getting some new rubber 😁

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  1. Dude your fucking crazy ^^

  2. Can’t be any worse than the greasy Conti’s that are on my bike now! I swear it’s like someone drizzled butter all over my rear tire

  3. What kinda riding do you do is actually the best question

  4. Just a street rider. Nothing too crazy.

  5. Twistys straights ??

  6. Dunlops are great street tires

  7. Mostly straights as I just ride from one place to another, however I certainly do enjoy some twists from time to time. Like I said, nothing too crazy.

  8. Q3s that’s what I use an have zero issues

  9. If you want to get some miles outta them use some pilot powers Dunlop’s you’ll only get 6k mikes outta them

  10. I’m not as concerned with the miles as I maybe ride 2-3k a year.

  11. Grab some q3s see if ya like um

  12. Already ordered. I remember on my cousin’s R6 they were kick ass. Wanted to see if any of you guys were running them?

  13. There’s a lot of guys running them

  14. Get the q3 n never look back! Have them there good! Just make them flat when you go to the canyons or not. I got some pp3 on my r1 n q3 on my r6

  15. Q3s are a great all around tire… been running them the last couple of years… I get about 2500-3500 miles out of a set on the R1… but man do they stick!!!

  16. They suck at the track. Bout caused me a nasty high side. Never again. Only Michelin power cups IMO.

  17. What pressure would you guys recommend running them at for street use?

  18. Heard they’re great for street and track days. Can’t wait to need some be tires myself to get a set

  19. For normal commuting 42 front 36 rear… for aggressive twisties 35 front 32 rear

  20. Different kinds of tires are coming out all the time, but I had dunlops and they were so good the bike was wrecked and stolen. Watch out!

  21. For twisties I do 30 rear 31 front this is hot! Not cold…. for commute check the side wall!

  22. It’s my go to. Just put a set on my 15. It’s all I ran on my 07. Just don’t expect life from them. I mean if you ride hard they’ll go quick. You could possibly get 5k out of them if you just cruised and didn’t rip around on them. But grip is 10/10 in my opinion

  23. Had a q3 on mine and got 3k out of it… Idk how you can get 6k out of ine

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