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Hey guys,
i drive a C Force 520 with stock Aluminium-wheels. i have to buy now 4 new tires. my old tires are:
Front: 25×8-12
Back: 25×10.12
my question now: can i put bigger tires on the same wheel size? when yes what do you guys suggest for 400-600 Dollar?
Thank you guys!!

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  1. Yes you can put bigger tires on the same size rim. I’m from the USA and you can find a full set cheaper then that.

  2. yes u cann… maximum for 520 is 28″ but i dont recommend bigger than 27″ so try 26x10x12 or 27x10x12 – tire tread something like maxis bighorn is good, or some arrows – it depends on what you drive..

  3. I recommend ITP mudlite xl. 28x10x14. They’re a reasonable price, and can get you threw most scenario’s. Except extreme mud.

  4. I have 27x9x12 Sedona Coyote tires on a different machine, they are amazing in all conditions except heavy mud, they still do ok there too. Reasonably priced and wear very well, ride well on paved roads too. If you ride more mud the Sedona Ripsaws are good too.

  5. Look at sunf if there available there 26 should fit fine 27 might rub without spacers or lift. Use code sm10 for 10% off

  6. We have itp mudlites on a few of our machines and they work great

  7. So guys i order this one for the back

  8. And this one for the front

  9. not a good idea to mix tire manufacturers and tread styles as height from manufacturers can be different and can damage driveline and cause handling issues from diffent tread patterns. If you were concerned about width 9 front 11 rear fits fine as well

  10. What terrain do you ride?

  11. shit now im little bit affraid😅 50% street 50% wood and snow

  12. Might not me too late to cancel. Executioners would be terrible for street. Try to get the abuzz front and rear they come stock on some cfmoto side by sides. Also pretty sure your wheels are 14 inch

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