Still running stock tires on Can Am Defender


Maybe this is a stupid question, I ride on the pavement a lot and I’m wondering if I should actually rotate my tires? Still running stock tires.

Still running stock tires.

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Answers ( No )

  1. Wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t think it’s possible due to different width wheels and tires

  2. You can only swap sides … But I am in the same boat as you and I do swap them every 1000 miles because it will start pulling to one side.

  3. I’m in same boat. Thought about getting street or less aggressive tires

  4. yeah swap them side to side

  5. Save the hassle of swapping and just buy less aggressive street tire. concrete will eat them up no matter what.

  6. I can swap side to side.

    But what’s the best tire to run. I don’t want bigger.

  7. Get a set of 15 inch wheels and then buy some radials. They should last you for a while.

  8. Just check your alignment and keep even pressure in your tires. I’ve found running a little higher pressure while road riding helps a lot.

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