Stock height 850 2019 Can Am


What size tires can you run on stock height 850 2019 can am ? And if anyone has a recommended tire to Run? I don’t want anything too aggressive since I road ride and mud ride. Would lift the quad but I dint wanna get into wearing out parts like cv axles and wheel bearings and ball joints .

Stock height 850 2019 Can Am

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  1. 29.5s with trimming floorboards

  2. 30 inch maxxis zillas there a good mud tire and there really light there 35.9 pounds and pretty cheap

  3. Ok you can’t ask that, everything in your question Just contradicts itself. Mud and road ride but want big tires

  4. Do I need to trim or modify anything to go to a 28 or 29" tire on a 15 Outlander 500 2 up?

  5. Kanati mongrol (if not spelled correct please roast me) but 1500 miles 10 ply beast of tire 3 friends saw mine and results and they bought as well

  6. 27′ no trimming

  7. Do a 2 inch bracket lift with 31 inch motohavocks

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