Honda Shadow Tires


Would you say new tire time??? Seriously, please check your tires before you ride. I did not see this on my ride yesterday but saw it tonight. No riding till new tire!!!

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  1. Same boat just cleaned and waxed my chain and nothing my tire looking like that I’m like fuck! Now I gotta drive my truck for about 2 days and sit in mad traffic!

  2. Just put on new rear look close at my front its not like that but ive parked mine till payday and ordering a new one

  3. Holy fuck do you ever do burnouts?

    • No , I have never done one!!! I did smoke it a little when light turned red on me one time

  4. You are you got joke.

  5. A shadow doing a burnout?????

  6. Especially with a 58 year old rider!!!!

  7. That tire is gone you got your moneys wouth out of it !

  8. It fixes everything!

  9. Sad thing is I only put 4 thousand miles on it. Must had been original tire!! Sidewalls still look good!!

  10. Here is mine from last weekend, lucky I didn’t go down and take 14 others with me.

  11. I had the same. Rear tire. Rode it til it poped. Only doing 25 mph. Sounded like a .38 went off! Didn’t lose control. Rode the bike home, 4 blocks. I was stupid and lucky. Change your tire. Might as well get a new tube if your spoked.

  12. Looks like you pretty nuch got
    your money’s worth out of that one !!

  13. wow, not long till that would have said bye bye! It’s one thing I hate about cruisers, under EVERYTHING at the back is a wheel, it’s hard enough to see it, I won’t talk about the time I tried to check the tire pressure.

  14. Don’t supose it affected the roadholding ? = its not a sports bike + got you home !


  16. Putting new new one on today


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