Yamaha FJ-09 Sport Dunlop Roadsmart 3


Road smart 3’s
After a few weeks without riding the FJ enough was enough took the wheel off and brought it in for some new meat

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  1. great tyres had them on my mt10…top grip wet n dry and lasted well

  2. Awesome!! Yeah I told the shop I was looking for a dual compound tire for a lot of touring Miles, but still be decent on the Twisties.

  3. be putting a set on the tracer soon as oem tyres wiped

  4. I got a big screw in my tire few weeks ago. Been riding other stuff since then. But this is the only bike that’s good for the freeway that I have

  5. How much . Look great

  6. Tire it’s self was $169.00 U.S. With install and balancing + fee’s. About 220-230

  7. They last ages with good grip. Only downside for me is that in high speeds they’re not so planted on the road..but they are great price/durability/cost ratio

  8. What size is that tire? Also check out Pirrelli Angel GT tires!

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