Tires For 2003 Honda Shadow 750 Ace


I need new tires for 03 750 Ace what’s a good tire? Never bought tires before !

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  1. Shinko makes a good tire

  2. Bridgestone are good Dunlop are OK but the rubber degrades fast have a pair on my shadow

  3. I run Michelin commander II’s. Great mileage outlast most other tires.

  4. I had dunlop, used them in within 15000 km s. how much do you run with the Michelin and Bridgestone tires?

  5. Anything but Dunflops

  6. I’ve switched from Dunlops to Shinkos. Great grip and road feel, half the price of the Dunlops. Over 10K on my VT1100C3 so far. I had Metzlers on my VTX1800T, and they are great tires, but more expensive.

  7. Changing my Shinko 777s with 14,500 miles on them. Installing new Shinko 777s. Great tires.

  8. Ok awesome ty very much I appreciate it

  9. I just put Shinko 777 on mine

  10. I have a brand new front Dunlop tire I’m about to replace because it has an 1/8th high spot. Causes death wobble at 55mph

  11. pirelli route

  12. Go with the shinko 777great tire I have em on all my bikes

  13. A little worried about riding today

  14. Michelin Commander 2

  15. Bridgestone 702

  16. It has to do with the specifications and date of manufacture rather than the supplier. Read up on speed, weight etc.

  17. I like the Shinko 777HD, good tire

  18. I use MAXXIS and never had a problem, good mileage and tread pattern

  19. michalin commander 2

  20. Dunlop, Avon, Metzeler, anything except Shinko.. your life rides on those tires, this isn’t a car, you get a flat, you go down… Don’t go cheap

    • i switched from Dunlop’s to Shinko’s this tire change… couldn’t be happier.. i was actually considering going back with dunlops cause the Shinko’s were much cheaper.. didn’t think they would be good… have you had a set of Shinko’s?? what didn’t you like about them.. unless something really bad happens, i can’t see buying anything else…

    • I had metzler on my ninja and got a flat and didnt notice..what I think he is saying is that if u get a flat and they are soft/cheap sidewalls ur going shadow has Dunlap.

    • James Cle, I found the dunlops a hard compound… Shinko’s are a softer compound, but stick nice, and are awesome in the rain… yes we ride in the rain…lol

    • Oh so do I lol

    • I’ve had Dunlops, Shinkos, and Metzelers, and I have an uncle so has rode Avons for forty years. That’s why I listed those. The Shinkos in my opinion are way too soft. It’s fine if you want to run them on the track or in the rain and then switch them out for everyday riding, but for me they wear much too fast and the soft compound worries me if there is a problem.

    • I agree

    • Lou Bou, I say ride on what you feel comfortable on… about 4500 miles on my new this spring set… no noticeable wear yet.. i expect to get 8k’s out of them, if it get 10, that will match my dunlops.

  21. The price of a tire means nothing.specs mean everything. Its just like saying a Harley is better than a honda just because it costs more.Its the rubber to composite ratio that makes all the difference.

  22. I have been running the Kenda Kruz tires for 7 years and never a problem from them.

  23. 03 ACE is hard to find tires in the stock size. I’ve only found 3 brands with the correct size, Dulop, Bridgestone and Kenda. I’ve used all 3 and the longest lasting and even performance has been the cheapest as well are the Kenda. Dunlop were the worse with Bridgestone not much better. Average of 10k to 14k on the Dunlop, 12k to 15k on Bridge and right now I have 16k on my Kendas and still have a lot left in them. I’d say at least another 6k to 8k miles.

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