XMR1000R or Max XT-P 1000?


Alright, question for you guys. I’m going to be new to CanAm, coming from Polaris. Having troubles picking between two quads. Do I get the Outlander XMR1000R or the Outlander Max XT-P 1000? I ride majority of the time solo, and I like to ride hard. I usually ride either up in the mountains or trails in Minnesota. My wife likes to ride with, but not solo, so that’s why I need the longer wheelbase and passenger seat. Wondering your feedback if you have either one of these, how they are to ride with and without a passenger. Also wondering if any of you ride up in higher elevations, do you change out your clutching for the higher elevations? Thanks for the help!

XMR1000R or Max XT-P 1000?

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  1. Xmr =rough ride

  2. If u want to get nasty that bottom is the man n the top ain’t it

  3. I’m coming from a Polaris XP 550 to a outlander max 570. I really like the 2 up the extra length is nice to get out of the normal rut foot print. I mostly ride single but it’s nice to have the room when I want to take the kids that’s my 2 cents on the 2 up

  4. 1000 is more power then you’ll ever need, even at high elevation. I’d go XTP given those choices.

  5. Xtp forsure way smoother

  6. If you won’t be in a lot of mud then go with the standard. I have the XMR it does ride a little rough but lots of power out of these 1000s. The XMR has a top speed of 65 in high Because of the gear reductions. Mine acts pretty well with a passenger. How much the passenger weighs will definitely effect the ride quality but mine is completely stable no matter the weight of the passenger. Overall they are both great bikes. Just comes down to what terrain you are riding in.

  7. I’m a can am sales rep xtp is by far my favorite

  8. XTP man, I bought a renegade xmr 1000 its a beast, looks cool its an awesome machine, but you will notice the difference from a Polaris to a Can am on the ride, now I understand why my buddies used to praise my Polaris for the smooth ride, I dont regret my buy since I ride solo always, but I can feel the difference

  9. You can get the xmr in a max also

  10. The 1000 xmr is basically a max just with no seat you can add that on

  11. David LaCroix

  12. I live in Wyoming and I’m usually around 10000 feet riding in mountains with my wife on back with no problemsmatter of fact she likes to ride it by her self. Im going to have to buy another one. Its a 2014 1000 xtp. Hope this helps

  13. XMR! I threw a back seat on for the trail rides, but it’s monster!!!!!

  14. Bottom one boss for sure

  15. I own 2 canams out lander and a renegade my sportsman rode smoother then these but speed and power I love the can am for that

  16. Xtp vs xmr … The xtp all the way bud . It rides amazing in comparison to xmr . The only place the xmr shines is in the mud . The suspension is way to stiff for trail riding and mountain climbing . . You will be pissed on the ride quality on xmr .

  17. Xtp all the way. Xmr is clutched different. Hits super hard down low, and real jerky compared to the xtp.

  18. Xmr if your doing any mud or water but if not go with the XTP it will ride a bit smoother

  19. I would like to add that if you like riding wheelies you will not like the long wheelbase. I sold my Outlander XMR 1000 and got a Renegade XMR 1000. Not passenger seat option for it though, I ride solo anyways.

  20. I have the Max 1000 Never any problems with or without a passenger. Been handlebar deep in water with 2 people no issue.

  21. If you’re not mudding it, go with the XT-P.

  22. Get xtp and put cryptid on way better ridding than xmr

  23. Get the xmr… i regret every time i ride not just buying one

  24. XTP seams like a better platform for you to start with

  25. If your going tor ride Quality the limited is a great option. I ride solo probably 9 out of 10 rides and I love the longer wheelbase of the Max. I don’t do mud.

  26. Have both either one you pick both good machine

  27. I ride the Max XTP 1000 15′, haven’t tried the XMR so i cant speak for its qualities. I am baffled by the strenghts of this bike, it can litterally go everywhere. Mud, rough terrain. Feels really stable when riding.
    We noticed in my riding group that in some steep hills/climbs the shorter wheelbase bikes wanted to tip over, while the xtp’s were climbing it with no hassle. I ride solo, make sure you take that seat of if your going solo aswell, that thing aint cheap.

  28. For what you do xtp

  29. Xmr no questions asked

  30. I love my XTP it’s a killer machine. I wouldn’t even consider taking a 15000$ machine in real mud so the xmr is useless to me.

  31. I have the XTP and my brother has the XMR, the ride on the XTP is so much better, and not only can you ride it faster, but the bike itself is much faster. But when we come to that mud hole he does out shine me. I ride 80u0025 Trail 20u0025 mud so the XTP is a better option for me. And it’s not just me being biased, my brother admits he can ride my bike faster than he can ride his own.

  32. I’m from Minnesota and ride all the trails around here and I have the xmr. I would take the xt over the xmr any day for trails here. Unless you want to mud hard then xt is perfect. I know when my wife rides with me we just get bounced all around with those stupid air shocks that they have on. They are extremely rough and I have nothing but problems with mine. Unless you want to go the route of getting a xmr and switching out the shocks to Elkas to get a way better ride quality but then your dropping $1300 on a decent set

  33. Xmr all the way if your going for the mudding and water holes

  34. I have the XMR and love it, but for a better ride I wish I bought the max and did the snorkels,relocate and tires myself.

  35. It’s really sad in this economy they have not lowered prices instead they put them up. The xtp is a dream machine but not for 16-17k Canadian. Come on it’s a atv. Really disappointed to see. People need to help crash the market and cause a reboot. To be honest with job cuts happening it’s just a matter of time.

  36. Xmr!!! If you ride in water and mud a lot. I have the 850xmr, first can am owner and in love with it

  37. Xmr! no question’s asked just picked up one last month and I’m glad I went with it

  38. Xtp for sure. The adjustable suspension is amazing on it! It’ll handle anything you throw at it

  39. Top is for calm trails
    Bottom is to send that shit anywhere

  40. If you like ride hard, then are just one option, XMR
    XTP are for who ride almost calmly on roads, forest rosds etc.

  41. I have an xt max and my wife loves the two up seat. Can ride all day and not get sore

  42. The dealer will tell u the max xt wont cat walk when stock. They lie. I cracked the push bar thing thats connected to the frame. It depends how u ride if ur gona have someone on the back. The max xt is a Cadillac

  43. I have the 800 max xt and love it. Wife loves to ride on the back as she has no interest in driving her own machine. Handle great with her riding on the back. Can’t tell much difference from riding solo.

  44. 2015 max xt 1000

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