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  1. Depends on your price range I guess. I’ve heard they both feel about the same but around 40+mph the 10 pulls harder. I’m running 33s on my HD8 and it’ll go through anything a 10 will. Still has a lot of Get up but I mainly go on rides, mud, etc.

  2. Where are you from

  3. I bought the hd10 xmr and so far I’m very happy with it I just don’t think I would be with the 8

  4. The HD8 isn’t that far behind the HD10. But that being said it’s behind. HD8 probably has more power and torque than what you have pictured here tho

  5. I never heard anyone with the HD10 say it has too much power lol.

  6. It Def does not have to much power

  7. But it does ride good

  8. The HD8 would be plenty, they HD10 would be plentier

  9. I asked the same question on the forums. Those who have the HD8 said they were happy and it had plenty of power. Those who have driven both said there was a slight top end difference, but not much. My dealer said I might want the HD10 only if I was going to put tracks on it (I’m not). I bought the HD8 and am plenty pleased with the power and the top end. It was almost $2000 less than the HD10.

  10. U should buy this one lol shes for sell if any of yall are interested

  11. HD8 turns the 37s on factory clutches just fine! Reflashed, bomtuner, and empire exhaust

  12. I wouldn’t get an 8 if you’re going with a Max. My 2 cents of course

  13. You can never have to much power lol

  14. HD10 because they dont make a HD12!!!!

  15. Hd10, never heard someone say I should have just got the HD8. But I have heard people say that got the hd8 say I should have just got the hd10.

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