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  1. GSA more comfortable and it just felt right

  2. GSA, what’s else!

  3. If u want do off roading (sand, rocky, mud)->gs

    If for touring and soft offroading -> gsa

  4. GSA
    Go big or go home.

  5. Someone was selling a Gsa, eventually I took it 2012 GSA

  6. Does not matter which one! I like the look of the gsa, changed back to another gsa when it was time to change.
    Enjoy whatever you buy.

  7. you will get 10000 different answers to your question. Test both and make your own decision !

  8. u0130f there is fuel station max every 300 km GS. If not , GSA.
    IT’S ALL

  9. Not true. If youre buying used, there are amazing deals on the GSA vs GS. You get much more for your money.
    Personally, the think the GSA looks like a proper ADV bike vs GS, and way better equipped.
    But test ride both from a height perspective.

  10. Gsa all the time
    No thinking needed

  11. I’ve had 7 GSA’s since 2012. Done everything with it, bought it for the sole purpose of ‘adventure touring’… fortunately I realized it’ll go EVERYWHERE!!! I’ve done traveling with it, GS Trophy Qualifiers, river beds with soft sand and rocks, been around a Motocross track with it… literally, there’s no place I haven’t been with my GSA , but, is it the best bike for the job, is it the best allrounder… I don’t think so.

    The only advantage the GSA’s have, is the fuel range and comes standard (at a price off-course) with all the extras, protection luggage racks etc . And this, after 7 of them, is not going to make me buy another one. It’s just to heavy. If you want the best allrounder, get yourself a GS, GS Rallye or GS Trophy (full spec) if you’re on budget. The Rallye will be my top choice of the three… BUT…

    Then there’s the new BMW R1250 GS… oh my goooooud83dude31ud83dude31ud83dude31ud83dude31ud83dude31ud83dude31sssshhh!!! What a no brainer bike. Just the engine, the balance, the low down torque, the comfort in the ride, the fuel economy when you’re riding decent… even though it’s a bit more heavy than it’s predecessor… this for me is by far the best of then all…

    In the end, it’s what suits your riding style, and most of all, your budget!!! Go ride them all, and the bike that speaks to you the most, you’ll know, that’s your bike!!

  12. They are "completely" different bikes and it depends on what you are looking for… how "tall" and "skilled" you are (?), if you intend to do off road (normal GS) or just road travelling (ADV)… if you appreciate the big tank of the ADV to visit less petrol stations, the higher driver position in the ADV, etc… Good luck! 😉

  13. Bought a GS, had it for 2 yrs. Too small so now have a GSA….but I am 6ft 6in tall. Much nicer all round.

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