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Thanks for letting me join.Im buying an atv but having a tuff time choosing a can am or cf Moto. I’ve been researching on the cf but would love to hear from owners of this machine. The good, bad an the ugly!

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  1. CF moto!… had a zforce, and now a cforce…probably going to buy a 500 cforce next year also.

  2. I love mine 800xc by far one of the best machines

  3. I currently have 2 2018 cforce 500s and a 2020 500s in my stable. Absolutely love these machines. They do everything the big names do, and than some. I ride hard and balls deep in water/mud with ZERO issues!!!

  4. 2020 600 2up. Roomy, powerful, looks beautiful, features included are amazing. Very comfortable. Brakes seem to squeaky naturally, and it’s annoying as shit. Part availability is lacking but growing rapidly. Aftermarket support isn’t amazing yet but it’s growing every night. I haven’t really experienced anything bad with it yet. Wish it came with better tires, but every machines oem’s suck.

    • James, slightly diff query, what motors in the 600? I’ve a 650 road bike and they have problems in ECU’s, just wondering why they seem to have no problems with the 4b’s but can’t sort the road bikes. What ecu’s do your run ?? Roadies are Ducati units

    • Yes, it’s been long ago Ducati ECU has big issues, but now all models (onroad and offroad) are using Bosch ECU, it’s much more reliable.

    • Got any part numbers??? My first 2 were Bosch, last ones Duc’s

    • James, you are an par with the parts availability. Parts are not cheap, got the same bike (2020 600 2up) and a stick decided it wanted to kill my radiator. $400 at the dealer, and dealer only item. 😕 Where my 2019 grizzly an aftermarket 2 core is $90…
      Awesome comfortable bike, the clutch engagement lacks responsiveness, but who knows, maybe there is a good spring/weight system out there.
      The 600 2up looks amazing going through the trails, and cannot wait to slap my tracks on it.

  5. I got a 19 600 with 1000 miles on it now no issues very happy with it

  6. Had a 2015 UForce 800 loved it. It got ripped off. Bought a 2020 ZForce 950. Absolutely love it!!

  7. Just bought a 2020 600 touring and it’s a great machine. The price is right too!

  8. I have 2019 800xc and love it.. upgraded from a 2004 Cat. Just remember all brand have there issues.

  9. Have a cforce 2019 800 XC since June love it got a great summer riding plenty of power if you need any more information for research check out real talk Motorsports on YouTube

  10. It was between a Can-Am 570 2-up and a CFMOTO CFORCE 600 2-up and I went CFMOTO. Saved over I think $3000+ and I got a 2500# winch too?! It had a bunch of overheating issues brought on by mud and an engine compartment that’s simply too compact. Relocating the radiator solves that issue and makes my 2019 a mud ready machine. Can’t complain too much when every other major brand out there has the same issues with mud and overheating. Added HDPE skid plates from Iron Baltic. Adding a 1.5″ lift. Adding LED light pods and light bars. Added a rear trunk box. Getting radial mud tires for Christmas. And you know what? All those accessories and I am still below what I would’ve paid for a comparable Can-Am.
    CFMOTO is a wiser choice. 😎🔥💯‼️

    • hey if you get a chance could you message me pictures of how you mounted your light bars I’m thinking about getting a light bar for my 800 but not sure how I’m going to mount it

  11. Recently brought a cforce 1000 absolutely made up with it ! You won’t be disappointed 😉

  12. I have an 800 and 950 and love them both

  13. Just bought my 2019 cfmoto 2 days ago. It had 91 miles on it. I was weary too on buying a cf moto but I can’t justify spending $10,000 on a polaris or any other big name brand and I was worried about the performance,handling and reliability not thati was riding the Baja or anything. I love this machine so far and its a vtwin engine. This thing is a rocket ship… super fast, great torque and power

  14. I used to be a CanAm guy, I’ve had CanAm’s Outlander as well as their X3’s and Mavericks. When it comes to quads I am CFMOTO all the way. You simply will never beet the price point, the value add options, performance and reliability are outstanding. You will not regret it. My son in law bought an Outlander last year, and when he saw my 800XC he rode it, checked it out and said he made a mistake by not buying a CFMOTO. I made the switch and never looked back.

  15. Good luck choosing. I now own a 2019 520L. Before this a kawasaki Teryx eland therrfore an Honda Foreman and therefore a Honda Rancher. I am very satified and put a lot of smiles on this machine. The Hondas were great machines but this one is just as good but way better priced and road ready to licence which we prefer in Europe. Every brand has lemons every now and then.

  16. I have owned Suzuki,Yamaha, Honda and Polaris. Now I own CF Moto. 400s,500s and 800xc. No regrets!

  17. I own two cfmotos both have been very reliable the only downside is they don’t seem to have any trade in value and a lot of dealers won’t even take them around here anyway

  18. 600 cforce 1 year old 0 problems,ride it hard and plow snow with it.good machine so far.

  19. I had cforce 600 .. great machine. the only question is long-term reliability which nobody really knows yet

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