2016 Renegade 1000 XMR


The picture is of my current grizzly and my buddy’s 2016 renegade 1000 xmr. I’m looking for reviews on the renegade good or bad. I might be buying it and I want to know what I’m getting into. Any help is appreciated.

2016 Renegade 1000 XMR

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  1. Lots of power so hold on!!

  2. If you’re going through deep ass mud pits daily, the lifted and geared down XMR is going to be your friend. If you’re into throwing 50 foot fishtails and riding tight corners, or even cruising with a smooth ride down the trail, the XXC is going to be the way to go.

  3. I went from a 99 grizzly 600 to a 2015 Outlander 1k,,, holy shitballs it was a whole new ball game. Grizzly was a tank, but get ready for 100x more fun;-)

  4. I have a brand new 2019 renegade 1000 that is only about 4 months old with 700 miles on it. It’s been an awesome machine with no issues yet besides the rear diff leaking around drive shaft. It’s not actually dripping but you can see it’s leaking. I even installed HMF dual exhaust with a hmf tuner last month. Thing runs like a raped ape

  5. Off subject question, how do you like those Terrache tires? How are they on trails and hard pack?

  6. Only issue is shit clutches and rear diff. Take care of that and get it tuned cause the government has to get into everything. Otherwise helluva machine

  7. Trade my Grizzly for Canam way more fun to drive way smoother ride way more power

  8. Woman love that mans quad

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