Will I find comfort on a Kawasaki Versys 650


Firstly thank you for letting me in. I came in with many questions, firstly I’m six foot five, 280 lb. Will I find comfort on a 650?. I just came off a 2012 Honda Goldwing pulling a matrix Row 4 trailer. In earlier years I rode bikes like the Kawasaki KFX 400, the 1979 Honda cbx and the 1979 cb750k. As you might get the jest of it I have not purchased one yet. When I’m looking at the 2018 with the metal bags and trunk. I just returned from 8000 Mile trip where I camped out from Vero Beach Florida all the way to Reno Nevada Northern Tool Washington State and then across all the states all the way back and I cut back into Florida. I was on the road four 53. But the roads that I wanted to go down. That had free campsites. I could not go down with the rig I was riding. There is a trail that runs completely across the United States some dirt some gravel some sand. I would like to take this journey on this 650, being Real reasonable in price reasonable in size and gives me the allowability to get through the sand. I would really like some serious feedback on all my questions. This is the rig I ride right now.

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  1. Personally I think a Suzuki VStrom 650 would suit you better. I have both, and the Suzuki is much more spacious.

  2. The vstrom 1000 is extremely spacious. The Versys 650 is y’all. I’m 6 foot 1 inch at 230 pounds. I can just barely flatfoot on my 2015.

  3. You are going to want the foot peg lowering kit. I’m 6ft and find the seat to peg room a tad cramped but livable.

  4. The whole purpose of going to a smaller bike is so I can Moto camp in the deserts or off would it trails. I can’t do that with my Goldwing pulling my trailer.

  5. Brady Yamaha super tenere is a monster!
    Most likely my next bike!

  6. I don’t know if any of you people follow the young lady named z, she has a site here on Facebook that is Vagabond campers Adventure. These are motorcyclists that live year round out on the road camping. Unfortunately I can’t do that, but when I want to take off on adventures I can pack up and leave for for 5 weeks out of clip and have no one to answer to. Although my last trip was overextended. By choice. I found that they were two places in Utah that I found myself going back to for a few extra nights. When was the KOA at Zion Forest, and the second one surprisingly was the campground in Page Arizona. PS having a national park pass will get you in free.

  7. Brady best advice I can give is test ride one as the only way you’ll truly know if it feels right, Iv done 300miles so far on mine and love it. I’m 5.11 17st and think it suits me well. Possibly going to upgrade the seat on mine at a later date

  8. As your only really using inroads and not full on off-road track then the Versys650 is capable but I’d probably recommend the 1000 over it if your doing very long distance, in Au a few dealers do an outback version with knobby tires hard cases and crash bars.

  9. the trail you are thinking about is probaly the trans america trail. the versys is mainly a road bike. some alter it for dirt but the better bike for this type of ride is the klr 650, a fantastic tank of a bike. as far as body size a lot of bikes will seem small but you need a certain type of bike for this ride and i believe the klr650 would do the trick.

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