KTM 1290 SAS or KTM 1090 Adventure (Advice)


Hi guys thanks for adding me to the group. Currently hesitating between the 1290 SAS and the 1090 adventure as a new bike after several years with no bike. Any advice ? Thanks in advance.

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    You can start with 1090, it’s enough for all purposes.


    1090 R is a little bit lighter. I test rode both! You don’t really feel any difference in the acceleration, although 1290 R has more Hp. If you also like to go off-road I’d recommend the 1090, it can do almost anything, hunting sports bikes, go off-road in light terrain( she’s too heavy for harder terrain), and long range trips. I did a 6500km trip on mine this summer, and it was awesome.


    That’s the video of our trip and there you can see the 1090 in light terrain!
    Also: if it falls, it falls, don’t try to catch the 250kg. ??



    Thanks for your inputs. I have just tested both at my town’s dealer and difficult to choose, although the 1290 is unexpectedly smoother but less “raging”.
    Both are impressive and much more pleasant than the GS1200 I find…I will definitely go for one of them.
    One other question: did anyone test the 48l top case, does it add any vibration – I ask because it seems 2 integral helmets can for into it.
    Thanks again,


    When I have the topcase on, I get a noticeable but gentle weave above 200kph on my 1290 SA (2016) and 1090 Adv (2917).

    Yes, the 1290 feels less aggressive than the 1090 despite the HP numbers. Maybe the electronics. Still, the 1290 romps away from the 1090 despite feeling slower. The 1090 is a better all around bike I’ve grown to love the deceptive pace and long range of the 1290.

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