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Good morning everyone, Can someone please tell me more about the ktm xcw200? I don’t want a bike thats too heavy and under power. Any suggestions?

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  1. 300 is better – weight is similar but he have a more power. Best choice for hard enduro.

  2. Don’t know why they stopped making them, magic motorbike

  3. 300 …. perfect

  4. Great bike….but all depends on your weight. The 300 can be a bit taxing. I beilive the 250 is the way to go…best of both worlds.

  5. My weight is 74kg.

    • That’s the right bike !

    • Buy the 200. It’s got plenty power for enduro and won’t drain you as much as it’s light

    • 200 is a WINNER, get it.

    • +kit and all you will be about 88kg… Still good for a 200… I had one and was 98kg with kit and it was powerful enough to get me up everything….

    • I have the 200 and it’s incredible. I really don’t ever feel underpowered. I weight the same as you by the way. Wheelies in 3rd are still easy. It’s so light as well. Single trails are so much fun standing on the pegs on this thing. Power delivery is also great with the Gnarly pipe. Might upgrade to Booysen reeds at some stage, but as it is it’s all the bike I could have wanted. I reckon this is the most overlooked bike out there. Guys on 450’s have a snigger. Until the going gets tough 😉
      Also have a steering damper and an ignition map switch. They’re nice to have, but definitely not necessary and I find myself almost never really using them unless on vast stretches of super soft sand. Ignition map is supposed to help in tight technical and slippery stuff but I honestly can’t feel much difference.

  6. Plus roughly 10kg for kit. The 200 should be fine….may have to work the clutch a bit on some serious climbs. I am 90 excl kit and the 250 works for me like a dream.

  7. Im 20, weighing 165 lbs and ride a 300. Definitely not too heavy. Id take the 300 all day

  8. My son have one. Very light. He will handle your weight perfectly. He is 68 with out kit. I rode it myself in tech places but Im like 120 with kit. I still loved it. Which the 300 was so light. Yoh won’t be disappointed.

  9. I have 200 xcw. Runs strong !! Great bike . Faster than the Yamaha 250s ? thanks to tuning and weight and the fmf gold series header

  10. I would say buy a 300 then you know you would never buy a other bike i have a 300 and it is powerful and my bike with al his stuff on in 106 kg

  11. If you ‘racing’ in the mielie fields the 300 is the most ‘fun’ bike to have. 300’s are easier to sell than 250’s. If you doing enduro and you not a proffesional, the 200 is a brilliant bike. I have two at the moment, come ride one and see if you like it. The 300’s power can be taxing.

  12. I’m 90kg without kit, rode my 200 for 3 years, best is standard sprockets and adjust power valve and get jetting sorted, the little bike goes everywhere.

  13. Don’t let that 150 or 200 fool you…..it will kick your arse properly….. awesome bikes . Best weight ….incredible power and power band.

  14. best bike for tech even allround riding , i ride one and are very happy

  15. Probably the most under-rated enduro machine. Will make you look like a hero in the technical stuff. Easier to ride rocks than a 300.

  16. I bought my first KTM my senior year of high school in 01. It was a 99 200mxc. It was an awesome bike. Ran like a top. It made smooth power right from the bottom to the top of the rev range. It could lug really well and made tech terrain easy to ride.

  17. My sone rides one it is a great bike still got good low down

  18. I’ve got the 200, 250 and a 300 the 300 is more taxing in the rocks the 200 is the most nimble to throw around. But you can’t go wrong with the 200 just think carefully about the type of riding your going to do before you decide. More rocks 200~250 less rocks 250~300

  19. As what’s been said… They have stopped making 200s bro so I don’t know if replacement parts will be problem tho most parts are generic but I guess not the exhausts tho because u are (if you are like me and ding the pipe cause of technical riding) putting bends or knocks in the pipe and need to be replaced. I ride a 300 it’s a beautiful bike and can really lug in the technical stuff, has plenty power for sand or hitting the track and it’s not heavy just get fit 🙂

  20. Awesome bike you can ride it all day long with out it pulling your arms out there sockets.

  21. As long as you don’t have to rip in the desert or tons of sand the 200 is great. If you are north of 200lbs is a bigger bike might be a better choice. I have a 2004 that I just keep rebuilding. I dread the day that it can’t be rebuilt.

  22. .worth mentioning that Alfie Cox won numerous ROA’s on a 200.

  23. Great bike, but its been replaced by the 150 xcw. Lighter than the 200 and punches in its power class. Only heard great things about it!!

  24. my youngest is on the 150 now, absolutely loves it, happy button n all..!

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