RPM Hanging Around 3-4K When The Bike is Cold


So I’m having a bit of an issue with the RPM hanging around 3-4K when the bike is cold. It’s a 03 250r. Once it warms up you can snap the throttle and have zero issue with the rpm’s staying high. Kind of at a loss. Once it’s hot the bike runs fine rpms come back down off a rev very nicely. How far in that temp gauge should I let it get before riding it?

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  1. Have you tried to adjust the idle?

  2. Carb probably need to be cleaned the cvks are pissy carbs

  3. Automatic choke?

  4. Where is the manual adjustment on the bike. I am definitely not saying that it isn’t a manual choke. I believe you. I just think that since automatic chokes have been around for over 40 years, bikes are WAY behind the times.

    • Usually a small lever near the signal lights/headlight switch on street bikes. Others, like my KLX, have it mounted right to the side of the carb.

  5. I had a similar issue back when I had 09 250. I rebuilt the carb and replaced the throttle cable. The throttle cable was sticking down towards the engine side and after the engine warmed up it would loosen up. The carb was just needing a good cleaning because the previous owner did not do any good preventative maintenance on it.

  6. Spray around the carb boots with something like Ether or starting fluid. If it revs up when you spray, you’ve got a leak. Try it hot and cold.

  7. I’ve got an 07 that’s EFI but if it’s got carbs, could be the butterfly needs adjusting possibly some Gunk bult up can cause rough idle until warm or something sticking until it warms. Check out the choke cable, make sure it’s not closing the butterflies too much or enough, and the throttle cable where it’s connected to the carbs or EFI, make sure it moves without binding. Good luck

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