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While I don’t own a cfmoto, I am thinking of getting one. I always went with polaris but the prices seem perfect for everything they come with. Pros on going with the cfmoto for a side by side vs a rzr?

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  1. Less shop time…

  2. Have a 2016 zforce 800 ex no issues at all have 400 miles on it…. Great machine!!!

  3. 2016 Zforce 800 and 1610 miles and I’ve had some issues but Cfmoto took care of them. For the price they are built well. Id buy another Cfmoto for sure.

  4. I was in the same position last year. Stepped up and bought a 2017 800 ex and have been extremely happy. Used a Polaris towards trade and haven’t looked back. Haven’t had a single issue.

  5. 2016 zforce 800ex no serious issues just little stuff like torquing the aarm bolts caused they worked loose and tightened the black rimg that holds the fuel pump assembly in the tank cause it came loose, water pump weep seal started leaking around 300 miles warrantty work had it back in 3 days, solid machine, before i put front and back windshield on it it would hit 74 mph top speed

    • Got over 1600 pucker your asshole kind of miles on it lol

    • been there a few times… that’s how we do it

    • Never had mine on its side yet , i am impressed about how stable mine is , my last ride we were on gravel roads riding to the next trail i was leading looked back in my drivers side mirror realized i had lost the 800s that was riding with me i let off the throttle just coasting came to a y split missed the turn went through a ditch up a embankment at around 40 mph, my brother in law yelled mailbox i steered around the embankment and back through the ditch onto the road , the suspension soaked up all of it if he had not of hollered mailbox in my ear hard to tell where we would have ended up lol

    • Jason, mine was just a mental mistake. I was claiming a hill up to this point. A rock bouncer hill at dirty turtle off-road. Got to the top with the park manager sitting shotgun and at the top I look right and say “how’s that for a Chinese piece of shit” and I hit a boulder on the side of the cliff with my drivers front and it just bounced over on its side. I wasn’t paying attention and that’s what lead to laying it over. The path leading up to this would make sXs owners drool.

    • Nice, they are tough machines

    • I’ve climbed some crazy hills with mine. Look up Treverton PA coal hills on YouTube , i have videos on the Pennsylvania Cfmoto page of me climbing the coal hills. Ive rolled it once because of trying spin a donut with my weight working against me and layed it over lightly ,me and my son pushed it over and off we went lol ,it did put marks on drivers side but oh well there for having fun and accidents will happen at some point. It will spin on a wet road

  6. Good for the money. Like anything else there are likes and dislikes. Had a major oil leak and water pump leak on ours at 200 miles that warranty took care of and now the digital dash is is screwing up, which I’m sure warranty will cover. So far doesn’t seem to be any better or worse than my Rzr 800S. So for the price I’d say it’s a good purchase

  7. Thank you all! I will definately look into it!

  8. Love mine 800ex so much I bought a cfmoto ATV after

  9. Polaris is pricing their machines out of my market. Especially when they come with nothing like winch, roof, windshield, ect. CFMoto came with everything I wanted and for thousands less.

  10. I have a snyper 600 2013 will go anywhere love it will definitely by cfmoto again

  11. I have 2016 800ex 2900 miles can’t complain

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