Kawasaki 636 or CBR 600 F4i


Alright guys I need you to take what I’m asking seriously and really help me out here…. street legal stunt bike…. Kawasaki 636 or F4i or what bike would you suggest? which is better and what about oil starvation issues, clutch durability, power, handling Go through it with me.

Brandon Cook 5 years 3 Answers 897 views 0

Answers ( 3 )

  1. CBR F4i just because of durability. Also easier balance point.

  2. 636.. Low end Torque

  3. The f4i is more durable and holds an easier idle, the 636 has more power. I have both a f4i and a 636.. the stock f4i frame is super strong where the 636 frame is more fragile. If u are just starting to learn I would go with the f4i

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