R1, R1S, and R1M Difference?


So I’m deciding on maybe getting a 2018 Yamaha r1. But I know there are 3 different models the R1, R1S, and R1M. Just wondering what the difference is, I’ve looked it up, didn’t really see any difference

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  1. Get the M. It has more goodies. From what I gather, it’s a street legal track bike

  2. Hubert Zaslonka would probably tell you to splurge for the M as well

  3. What do you want it for?

  4. The R1S has different engine internals that are heavier. The R1 is the one you want. The R1M is same engine as the R1 but with a different gas tank, suspension and telemetry.

  5. So they are all great bikes. It really depends on what you want to do with it and what you care about having on the bike from the get go. The S is overall a great bike, it’s basically a detuned R1. The R1 and R1M are identical engine/performance wise just the M has suspension, special paint, and carbon body work

  6. R1 or r1m

    The s isn’t even an option for me

  7. De-tuned isn’t in my vocabulary

  8. The R1S isnt detuned, its rev limiter is lower since it has steel connecting rods since on the street you will never be at peak.

  9. They’re all fast

  10. Depends on what you want it for.

  11. R1M – get it if you are going racing. Has trick ass electronic on the fly suspension. Very cool for the street too, but maybe overkill for the extra $. If you are a (very) good rider, get the R1S and beat your buddies that spend $1500 more for: the R1’s lighter magnesium wheels vs aluminum, magnesium screws (that are a one time use. You are supposed to replace them every time you use them), magnesium oil pan and side covers and their 1500 higher RPM readline, due to the titanium connecting rods vs steel on the R1S). That being said, the R1S hits the rev limiter way too soon 🙁 Oh and for standard on the R1, you get the quickshifter (which is the shit, but not for downshifting), but I think for $100, you can add it on the R1S.

  12. R1 Or R1S for a track bike.
    R1M for a fancy street bike/occasional track trip.

  13. Josh herrin rides a R1S. He even competed in a race and place in the top ten because his attack performance race bike wasn’t ready yet.

  14. I would stay away from R1S. From what I understand it revs lower and is missing a few goodies that the R1 comes with. R1M has titanium all over I believe.

  15. Welp, most likely after reading all the comments, if my job is kind to me, I’ll probably wait til around when the new models come out and buy a 2018 R1M

  16. Google millers motorsports pa. 2017 and 2018 R1M at very good price.

  17. Full throttle powersports in NC has a new 15 r1 with 0 miles for 10k.

  18. Bring your brand new R1 M to Georgia stock and I’ll show you what this R1S can do

  19. Every one talks down to this bike

  20. Even an R1M tuned with factory every thing but air filter sprint at that my bike for the money will kill it!

  21. Here we go again…

    S owners sure are sensitive.

  22. Negative the S is a game changer fool

  23. Eat your popcorn bro!

  24. Game changer??

  25. If ur going on track the don’t bother with the r1m

  26. didn’t really see any difference???? How about PRICE

  27. I have a 2015 R1 with Ohlins TTX rear and 3250 fronts.

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