Great debate between a 2015+ R1 vs R1S


So recently some craziness happened on a post on here. The great debate between a 2015+ R1 vs R1S. What's opinions? Worth buying S? Let's hear some detail

Great debate between a 2015+ R1 vs R1S

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  1. All depends on a numerous amount of factors…but if you do not track, could careless about peak power and rpm,don’t care about fracture split rods and ti internals etc etc then save every penny buy the S and be satisfied with still owning a bike that can out handle everything on the market …but if you ride competitively, track, race, love to chase every bit of power and plan on modding it to all Shit then go for the R1 to give you the best base platform…. I knew that I was buying Full ohlins suspension before I ever took the first ride anybike I buy MUST HAVE OHLINS nothing less…and I love Carbon so the M was a no brainer for me in the end I’m happy they have a option for everyone

  2. both bikes are good. It really depends if you are chasing podiums or not. There will be that one 300 that passes you in the inside regardless which one you chose.

  3. The R1S is legit, and most people could not fully exploit it’s ability on a track, let alone an R1.

    Pro racer Josh Herrin has one bone stock. At Thunderhill he is only two seconds a lap slower than his R1 superbike on it. That’s a lot of time in terms of racing but for the money that’s crazy impressive.

    Honestly these days all the liter sportbikes are so fast it just comes down paintjobs, looks, ergos, brand prefence. I’m a yamaha guy and wanted a blue bike, and only the R1 is available in blue. I didn’t really care if it had the most horsepower or was best handling, because at this level it’s splitting hairs and the rider still makes the biggest difference.

  4. Ok let me throw this then at you guys. 09-14 R1 vs R1s

  5. Seriously if its for racing s will be better but only if it has medium straights and more turns. I say this because the s makes 2lbs more torque than the upper models completely stock. Stock for stock there was a test between s&m with 2 riders both running lap times with both bikes and the m was worth .2 off a second per lap. You tell me if thats worth 9k. The s is very good only place it compromised is in a very long straight.

  6. Just buy a KTM

  7. This or just stick to a huffy

  8. I’m wondering how the fuck you turned the light off lol

  9. It all depends on your riding style i have an S there has only been 2 times i wanted the regular r1 and that was the M because of the electronic suspension or else i ride on canyon roads and commute it doesnt make a difference in that category but if your looking to buy an r1 for the track the S is like 2 seconds slower at that point its up to you if you want to spend the extra 1700 or however it may be. I will say im more on the smaller side weighing at 152lb and i beat my buddies 1299 however he does weigh 162

  10. I’m 210 at 6 foot tool so maybe the S isn’t for me

  11. The S is for "Saving a few bucks."

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