Difference between the R1M and R1?


Thinking about getting a 2015+ yamaha r1, what is the difference between the R1m and R1, and is the R1m a two seater?

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  1. I’d be more bothered about the crank snapping then it being a 2 seater

  2. yo forgot R1s tho. I like the r1m dun ask me why

  3. Differences are fundamentally electronic suspension, data logging as standard and carbon bodywork. Both come with a pillion seat, but if that’s a driver for you, you probably don’t want the M version…..

  4. R1M is orientated due the fact that its a better track bike. And then goes its advantages. 650IB is making a modified R1M series. All info is super good there. Check it out guys.

  5. Not a big fan of the new R1s…i have a 05 R1…with a 30hp shot of nitrous..witch would give any new R1 a run for its money

  6. R1m only real difference is basically electronic adjustment suspension and a few other little gimmicks
    Anyone who rides tracks/races would throw all the stuff away on the r1m anyway (it’s more for road riders pub talk)
    There’s no performance gains from the r1m to the standard r1

  7. Unless you’re a pro racer, you’re not going to notice the difference between
    An R1, R1M, or R1S. Pick your favorite color and go ride

  8. Neither is a two seater

  9. Buy a Prius instead…

  10. If you’re asking this question you shouldn’t be riding any R1. Go buy a scooter for your cooter.

  11. Have seen a few 15+ r1’s with cracked rear end fairings from carrying passengers ud83dudc40

  12. Hahahahaha squid!! Only real squids get the M

  13. If you want a 2 seater bike the 15+ R1/M is not a smart choice.

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