Metzeler and Harley Davidson Fat boy


Metzeler Tire Questions. Does anyone currently have a Metzeler 200/50-18 installed on a Fat Boy or Fat LO Lo? If so could you please give me an actual measurement of the how wide that tire is?? Also is anyone running a Metzeler ME880 Marathon 210/40R18 Rear Tire? i would like to know if that would fit on my 2013 Fat Boy Lo. went to 30 fat spokes 18″ wheel, bought Avons just to narrow for what i want. i wan to Thank everybody up front with any onfo you could provide.

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  1. Don’t have an answer to your question but looks amazing

  2. Really interested in the 210… how much does that run. Just got rid of my Avon 200/55/18 for a shinko 200/50/18 and it deff seems skinny compared but really didn’t get a measurement and haven’t ridden. But would like to go wider if possible. Just seems close for the belt.

  3. Where did u get those spokes wheels from…they are lush..

  4. I had Metzlers 880’s on my Road Glide and hated them. I only got 5000 miles out of booth front and rear.

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