Most aggressive dual sport tire?


Hello, what’s the most aggressive dual sport tire that’s DOT approved?
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  1. Don’t know which but I am currently running Mitas E12 Rally star at the back and E13 in front on the 690 R. Like dirt tyres for the road did 400kms on them yesterday with lots of highway and very muddy slippery gravel roads.
    My hooliganism Won’t see them get many miles though….

  2. Mikes c-02

  3. Mitas Tyres South Africa

  4. Kenda Trakmaster 2, Pirelli pro FIM

  5. Actually depends on what bike its for as a FIM Enduro tyre is DOT rated but not designed to carry the weight of a heavy bike much bigger than a 690.

  6. Mitas E-09/E12 as stated. Although I’m about to try the Dunlop D908 and see how that works on the 1090R.

  7. I gave up on dot tires. Everything I’ve tried sucks both on road and off. Now I just roll dirty on my favourite off road flavour. Have never been questioned about tires any time I’ve been pulled over.

    I suppose if I ever had a major accident on the road, it might be looked into….

  8. Definitely Mitas. C21 front. And either the C28, C20 or E09 rear depending on what bike you have

  9. Dunlop 606 rear is pretty dam meaty

  10. Goldentyre is pretty great! Fatty front is the best of any tire.

  11. On my 500 EXC I prefer the Metzler 360!!

  12. 606 and T63 I find still has fair road manners

  13. I like the motoz tractionator I/T great tire. And the shinko mx216.

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