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  1. looks like they got rid of the honey comb ?

  2. Wonder what the new swingarms about.. longer to make it more stable at high speeds perhaps?

  3. looks like the fuel gauge is the same too ?

  4. I guess Yamaha think the stock screen works well… ???

  5. Why Tracer 900 Its an 847?

  6. But what’s that above the clocks ?

  7. A couple of not so positve things: Weight up 4 kg.. Same old style turn signals..(NOT Led ..?)

  8. supplement LED – every Yamaha dealer

  9. off course, but why not standard ??

  10. ?? 🙂 financial policy ?

  11. I’m glad of the longer swing arm. When making progress on the autobhan fully loaded, things get out of shape at 95…

  12. really needs a decent rear mudguard,not enough changes in my opinion to warrant a trade in..

  13. Wonder when malaysia will launch it

  14. More than enough changes to justify a trade in…but i dread the trade in I would get for my 2015 with 28000 miles on the clock..

  15. No mention of upgraded rear shock, just the swing arm tweaks? Also, I notice they’re still fitting those Dunslip tyres 🙁 I’ll have a test ride next summer, will need some serious persuading to upgrade from my ’17 model though.

    • Dunslip ? – thought it was Dun”hoppers” ? Best thing I did – was to change them.

    • they do mention upgraded suspension on the GT

    • Where have you seen that Oliver? Not disbelieving, just curious to see what they claim to have done 🙂 Whomever signed off on the MY17 shock should be sacked lol, it’s appalling.

    • Barry Thompson

    • I saw that on the live show yeah, hopefully by adding that remote preload they’ve upgraded the spring rate and damping too. Remote adjustment is welcome all the same, the current model is a pig to get at.

    • Barry Thompson youd hope so. Wouldnt the physics of a longer swing arm give more leverage on the shock, so it’d need a higher spring rate anyway? Might be wrong. Works right in my head ?

    • There is that, they’ll have to up the settings to adjust to that new leverage rate. Let’s hope they’ve been working on fixing the speed wobble, these tweaks would indicate as much. My next concern is the cost of a GT next year, and how much the new machine hammers the value of mine!

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