Is the Versys a good daily commuter and comfortable for regional touring?


I joined up to get informed about this bike and to ask questions as they come. I don’t own one, but am considering the versys to fill the roll of a daily commuter and to be comfortable enough for long road use with luggage. Is the kawasaki versys a good daily commuter and comfortable for regional touring?

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  1. I commute on mine daily and with the bags it’s perfect. I have about a 25 mile each way ride mostly highway.

  2. it will commute just fine. I bought mine to take long trips with a buddy who has a Suzuki VStrom. I greatly prefer the Kawi over the Suzuki. My 2016 is light, nimble, quick and hauls…… The locking hard bags are wonderful. Get to a hotel, lose the bags, run around without them and have locking bags on or off when you need them. Fuel economy at 55mph is around 56+. Around 75mph is around 52.7.

  3. What are the valve lash intervals?

  4. 15,000 miles my dealer told me. I need to check the book.

  5. Mine is a 2016. Bought it new last week, was a hold over. Soon to be 3 model years old you know. Motorcycle manufacturer’s are dumping bikes on the U.S. market. It’s a buyer’s market not a seller’s.

  6. Awesome for every and any kind of riding, besides singletrack. Have done 2600 miles in 6 days with my 08, only mod was a givi windshield

  7. Simple answer YES On my second one. The current version is by far the best equipped. It’s not perfect, but doesn’t take a lot to sort it out

  8. Yep, I commute 1000 miles per month, have my Versys for a year now. Does the job without breaking into sweat and I’m not of a petite build, to express it very diplomatically. The fairing and screen seem quite small for all year riding, which I do, but that is not the case. They are surprisingly efficient to keep you out of wind&rain. Fit an automatic chain oiler and you won’t look back, guaranteed

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