50 inch trail vs 60 inch Z


Hello guys, I hope you all good. I have question. What’s the popular choice The 50″ trail or the 60″ Z

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  1. Always do the EX unless you must have a 50″.

  2. Ex

  3. Ex is worth the extra cash.

  4. I sell more trails than 60″ers at my shop.

  5. It’s not really about popularity but rather it’s about what you need. If your expected riding areas are open enough to fit the 60″ EX and you trailer your machine or you have a truck bed that will allow it to fit, then that might be the better choice for you. If your trails are narrow ATV width, or are that way in places, or your riding trails are regulated to permitting narrow machines only, then obviously you’ll be severely limited if you were to buy the wide one.

  6. The good trails in Colorado are 50โ€ or less so we bought the trail model. Love it!

  7. Pa we have very limited trails open so its pretty much illegal to drive them anywere here unless u travel to AOAA or down to H&M

    • Im in central PA and bought a trail . Most places you won’t have a problem but theres places ive ridden where a ex would have fought to get through. The trail model is very stable and im on stock tires and no spacers. Sure you can ride at AOAA but reading coal property next to aoaa isnt payrolled and we rode there like 3-4 times this year ,no permit and no problems. Im 50 min from treverton aoaa or reading coal prroperty.

  8. I like the 60″ much better I was just asking for popularity I guess.

  9. no problems with the 60 anywhere in PA

  10. Depends on where u ride

  11. Never had a problem on 4 wheeler trails eith my 60 inch in westvirginia

  12. It depends on the application. I have a trail and mostly ride on private land which consists of farm fields and dense woods. Some parts of the trail are just wide enough to fit where others are wide enough for a tractor. I can always add a lift and spacers later on

  13. I must say the 50″ is not appealing to me they dont look stable and dont look as sporty as the 60″

  14. Really depends on the trails ull be going on.

  15. I have a trail. I recently blazed a trail from my house to a 4wd “playground” An EX would not have fit, mine barely fit. Some of the ruts in the trail were nasty, an EX would have excelled here, but taking my time and planning ahead I was able to navigate without issue. I can say I was impressed with diff lock, that thing was a tank!

  16. All good info.
    I’d say 90% of my time on the machine will be plowing snow( 3/4 mile mountain drive way ) and cruising arpund on private mountain roads trails

  17. Shane, then an EX would be perfect.

  18. I have the 50″ Trail model due to the trails I take around here. A recent trip to Wallace Idaho had me on a few trails that just would not have been possible on a 60″ no matter how brave you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just no fit. But as to stability I agree, it doesn’t look near as stable as the 60 but looks prove to be deceiving. On one particular deactivated and closed road, in my persevering to keep up with a CanAm ATV mounted buddy, I had that thing at some barf inducing angles off camber, that I’d never have tried on a hillside except that on that sunken road if I had upset the thing it would only flop on its side onto the ROPS) It still felt quite secure even when way the hell over and not as though it was approaching the teeter point. I was mightily impressed. Yes the 60″ version looks more ‘right’ I completely agree. But I can’t have my sense of style limiting where I can go. ๐Ÿ˜€ ps. The 60 wouldn’t fit in either my Ram box or in my toy hauler, only fits the flat deck trailer. I have maybe four or five inches to spare in the TH, but not ten.

  19. It all depends on the availability of trails (not roads) that allow machines over 50″

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