2020 R1 or the new Beamer S1000RR


If you were to choose for a new bike between the 2020 R1 or the new Beamer s1000rr which will you go for?

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  1. I’d go with the BMW, the R1 is a bit outdated compared to it’d rivals now.

  2. The 2020 honda

  3. Beamer. I still have my r1 and love it but the Beamer is on another level. Put my deposit on the s1000rr a few months ago so I’m just waiting for it to be built

  4. Head chooses BMW. Heart chooses R1.

  5. Hmmmm the s1000rr is freakin nice, but gotta love the sound of the crossplane. If it was me, I’d get the new r1

  6. Get both lol

  7. Depends on your intentions. Street… the S1000RR has more power. For the track or corners. The electronics package in the R1 is superior. It has a shorter wheel base, which makes it easier to flick between corners. The cross plane crank on the R1 allows for a more linear power curve and delivery in the corners.

    S1000RR is great on the street. But the R1 is a beast on the track or on the back roads.

  8. Would need to test both and see which one sings with the heart ud83eudd70

  9. S1krr definitely
    Over the R1 2020 !!
    R1-To say a few engine tweaks for the emissions and Still has crap ud83dudca9 brakes

  10. R1 i prefer the old BMW look

  11. I’m looking at a HD Street Glide to sit between my 07 Goldwing and my ’17 R1!!

  12. R1 but I’m guessing this new Beemer is the bench mark yet again as when the Gen one 1st arrived !

  13. I’m looking at the new s1000rr ud83dudc4c

  14. A sane person would pick the s1000rr. It’s simply much better bike.

  15. I’m die hard Yamaha but I hate when the switched too cross plane didn’t like the sound might rub off eventually but eh

    So sound wise Beamer but all around like I said I’m yamaha so yamaha honestly

  16. Bmw for the road or track.
    Phenomenal standard bike.
    I would miss the growl of the R1 though

  17. R1 2020 es mu00e1s accesible en Repuestos y econu00f3mica

  18. Bmw so I can turn my r1 into a track bike

  19. R1, all day! Not because I’m a fanboy, but because of many things. I see mention of shit brakes, I could upgrade those to be better than, if not just as good as the BMW and keep $5k in my pocket, or more. Reliability, hands down, Yamaha is the best in the business. I hate doing electrical work, so the BMW is out there, too. The BMW is more comfortable though. Not comfortable enough to warrant that pricetag. If I wanted to spend too much money for comfort in a sportbike, I’d get the new CBR and have the better reliability.

  20. And Honda has always been know as the most reliable.

  21. I have a 2018 R1. I really want a new aprilla rsv4RR or rsv4RF

    Really bad. Luckily for me I have two ducati/aprilla dealers within 3hrs from me.

  22. No contest. Not even close. BMW all day.

  23. I’m not really a fan boy of any brand, I just like what’s I think is the best. That said I don’t think you can beat the s1000rr power to weight and for a good rider that alone is a very good reason to get one. New electronics on the s1000rr are brilliant, all reviews I have seen say they’re some of the best in the business. It’s got a counter rotating crank to ward off wheelies and the brakes are top notch. Best in class for the money.

  24. Everyone is just saying either which one they own or which one they like nobody has ridden both yet…. so you can’t compare

  25. Damn I’ve been asking myself the same question for 2yrs. Can’t afford either so it doesn’t go past thought lol

  26. I’d hold off on the BMW as of last Tuesday there was a recall and a stop sale across all the U.S. mechanic didn’t bother telling me what the recall was for. Could be selling them again for all I know. Haven’t been there in a week.

  27. 2020 R1 personally, but I’m a bit biased.

  28. S1000rr hands down

  29. R1M is pretty awesome.

  30. I would rather have 2018 MV Augusta F4

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