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  1. My dad’s 01 Aero 1100 had a passenger car tire on the rear when I test drove it…. almost straightened out a curve. It definitely would take some getting used to. We replaced it promptly due to the different bread design of the car tire as opposed to that of the motorcycle rim.

  2. On the aero 1100 was it spokes or alloy wheels

  3. Aero 1100s are spokes

  4. Was there a tune in it or were the spokes sealed

  5. Tube and liner.

  6. Not recommended. Car and motorcycle tires have very different construction and for very good reasons. A car tire makes the bike inherently unsafe especially in emergency handling situations. Feel free to ask someone like Dunlop who makes both car and motorcycle tires and you’ll get the same answer.

  7. Mark I have been darkside several years, I have done the research and I have made and educated decission. I have over 75,000 miles darkside. I have had a couple of emergency situations and the dark side tire handled better than a Mc tire would have. I am not asking for recommendations of to go or not to go dark side. I am am asking in reference to the spokes and if anyone had ever done it with spokes. Of course if you ask a tire company they will tell you the same thing out of liability concerns, they have to tell you what will keep them from being sued. So asking a biased source is not a true source.

    • Everyone can do what they like. I’m commenting to hopefully counter urban myths and put facts on the table. I’m an engineer with a Master Motorcycle Tech cert and can tell you that having a car tire on the bike is incredibly unsafe. The simple fact that the surface area of the tire contacting the pavement while cornering is drastically reduced using a car tire is cause for concern right out of the chute. Furthermore, a car tire is designed to be on a completely different rim design than a bike rim and the width is also different. This causes the sidewall to roll in which is not what a car tire is designed to do. I could go on for an hour on the topic. A tire company that makes both car and bike tires is not inherently biased because they could sell a tire either way of it really was ok to do.

  8. Thank God darkside faded away rather quickly around here… almost all of our customers that went darkside are back to motorcycle tires..

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