2018 Yamaha Tracer 900 Price?


I really want a red one but thinking the new 2018 colour looks awesome. Anyone know how much the GT is going to be?? ?

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  1. Around 14.000 euro I assume

  2. I’m not overly fond of any of the colours but this is definitely the best one.

  3. About £10,000 I reckon.

  4. If the GT is around 10k is definitely be interested in getting one and still a bargain compared to a bmw s1000xr or Ducati multistrada.

  5. I would go for the black silver GT.That’s the only colour I like.It all goes down to the price compared to the competition which,this year,is stronger than ever!

  6. Looks like the same blue as the new FJR, very nice!

  7. GT it´s unofficial quoted to 11300 euro in germany

  8. i do like the colour but its not as nice as my red one. plus ive upgraded mine now beyond the spec of the new model so ill be keeping it for a while yet

  9. Sat on one at the NEC today and i feel underwhelmed with it,i wont be buying one

  10. At the NEC bike show the standard tracer was shown as just over £9000 (gone up a grand since I got mine) suspect the Gt might be closer to £11k, putting it just above the cost of the base model tiger & versys but below the cost of the equivalent GT model or accessories..

  11. I think it’s a shame, that Yamaha haven’t been able to confirm the prices yet – other manufacturers have been able to confirm their ahead of the bike show at NEC. Also, the new switchgear is updated, the buttons have become smaller, and feels less quality?

  12. The new models seems a much more quality product.I will have to wait to see it in person.

  13. I was maybe expecting too much ,I didn’t spend too much time checking it all out ,but It didnt feel or look any different sat on it ,and I saw an Africa twin in the flesh for the first time and I liked that ,the build quality on that looks very good.

  14. The Honda must be great but it’s off road oriented and too high.

  15. Well if the tracer is going to be £10k or more then the honda looks a better buy i think,second hand with luggage perhaps

  16. Bit off topic,but this is beautiful, this was one of the stand out bikes at the show for me

  17. 12,500 USD

  18. I like the new gt Think they have improved everything that a lot of people on this site have had a moaned about. Look forward to a road test to see the difference in the ride. If I like it after the test will probably eventually get one. Still a lot of bike for the money, if they don’t get silly with the price.

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