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I’m thinking of getting the vulcan s for my wife, my first question is what is the difference in the abs and abs se for 2018?

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  1. My wife has one and loves it.

  2. It USED to be that the SE had a gear position indicator, but now I believe it is just the paint job and rim tape.

    • All the 2017 Models regardless of Model have a built in Gear position indicator. The SE and the Cafe models were first introduced in 2016 and neither had a Gear position indicator until 2017 model year. However, you can buy an aftermarket Kawasaki Gear positioning indicator for $179 bucks and you need a relay for that as well which will set you back another 24 bucks. Not worth it in my opinion. It’s not rocket science to count and after a while it is second nature to just ride in the proper gear without knowing which gear it is in.

    • Thomas Smith I can see your point.

  3. And there is no difference between the 2017 and the 2018… so if you can get a 2017 for a savings, no reason not to. Unless you have a specific desire for the 2018 paint schemes.

  4. SE has the stripe color detailing thats the only difference.

  5. If you can stretch to the extra for the SE you only really get cosmetic differences and to be honest I’d look about for a deal on a 2016 or 17. Some dealers have unsold ones and there are very low mileage ones on the market too.

    • Totally agree! I just bought a new leftover 2016 Cafe’ for 5900 out the door. Including all taxes and fees. 😀 Discounted from $7999 to $5430 plus 385 Sales Tax and 85 Doc fee (other dealer fees waived). Total $5900 even. I think that is a great deal on that bike and I couldn’t pass it up.

  6. The SE model just refers to a two color scheme instead of the just a one color scheme. The Cafe has yet another Color Scheme along with a front fly screen for looks. Overall the drivetrain is the same on all bikes. Just depends what color you like. They did add a Gear positioning indicator on the 2017 models, everything else has been the same from 2015 to present. All European models must have ABS starting in 2016. In the US you still can get a base model without ABS but for the slight price difference it isn’t worth it. I just bought a new 2016 Cafe leftover from a dealer for 5900 out the door. (Including all taxes and fees). Picking it up on my Birthday on Wednesday. 😀

    • Congratulations.

    • Mike N. Thank you! I haven’t ridden in a while and this bike is great for overall fun rides. I test rode a lot of bikes including some FZ09’s and XSR900 and Yamaha Bolt and then the Vulcan S. The FZ09 and XSR are fun bikes but they actually scared me a bit. I am out of the age where I have to do wheelies every time I turn the throttle. I liked the look of the Bolt and I figured for it’s engine size it should be pretty peppy. As much as the FZ09 and XSR overwhelmed me the Yamaha Bolt actually underwhelmed me. It was a dud and didn’t handle all that well. I didn’t have much expectations for the lower CC Vulcan S but once I rode it I changed my mind. It is a very fun to ride bike and I was impressed at the crisp throttle response and the very agile handling in the corners. A couple of things I didn’t care about is the low seat height and the far forward controls do take a bit getting used to but everything just clicked. I actually test ridden it a couple of more times just to make sure I really liked this bike and each time it reassured me that this bike is a fun all around … Well I wouldn’t even call it a cruiser. It looks like one but it really handles a lot more like a sport bike. So I guess it’s a Sporty Cruiser and the Ninja 650 Parallel Twin motor will run circles around V-Twins twice it’s size. It is most definitely a quicker and more fun bike than the Yamaha Bolt or the Vulcan 900 and even a lot of Harley’s. It’s actually rated one of the 15 Fastest Cruisers out there. Granted it came in at 15th Place but still with 0-60 at 4.2 seconds it will beat a V-8 Camaro or Mustang off the line. (They will catch up since that little bike doesn’t have the steam in the top end). Overall it’s a fun little bike and it feels very light. It’s soooo easy to ride I think even a Caveman could ride it 😀

  7. My wife loves our Vulcan s cafe abs..

  8. Thank you for the replies, all that is left to do is find a dealer that will let me test ride one.

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