Conti Trail Attack 2 or TKC70


Having to replace the tyres in my GS LC, I am in between ContiTrailAttack 2, which I have now and I am very happy with, or the TKC70.

It is mainly road use but living in the U.K. It is not unusual to find yourself in a road with gravel.

I will be travelling to Scotland and Garmish with them.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you are happy with your current choice, why not stick with them?

  2. I always mount metzeler tourance NEXT. Perfect even for very sporty runs.

  3. I’m very happy with TKC70 on my F800GSA … tyres are preety good on all surfaces …

  4. Have you considered Avon Trailrider? I am using them at the moment and am very satisfied. They are better on gravel than TKC 70 due to a different profile. The mileage the people do on them is also very high. The thread of new is 14mm what I find the deepest in all available tyres I have tried.

  5. I’m another for the Metzeler Tourence. I have done the entire west coast of Ireland on them, and some of those ‘roads’ are questionable. I have also done the NC500 in Scotland and pretty much all of Wales.

    I’ll be sticking with them next time too.

  6. the profile of Avon trailrider.

  7. Can I just ask a question. Some people are recommending Metzler Tourance. Now are these the bog standard Tourance or the Tourance Next?

    I think it’s important to differentiate between the two. I find the bog standard ones which I have on my GSA atrocious in the wet. Can’t comment on the Next ones though.

  8. I have used the TKC70 and Dunlop TR91, both are doing great on tarmac and normal dirt roads. Live in Sweden, not always the best roads, but great fun. Riding now with TKC 80, short life but great on heavy terrain.

  9. put the TKC 70 on last year. Now after ca. 6000km (90/10 on-/offroad) still in very good condition. I am sure they last for another 6000.

  10. I did 13.000km with TKC 70. Last couple of thousands were not so much fun, I left them on as I had some boring highway km to do.

  11. The rear one after 13.000km. It doesn’t look as bad as it is. It squared and it was difficult to ride the corners with it.

  12. also the rear

  13. and the front one

  14. I have had metz Next, Trail Attack II and now TKC70, will not change sticking with the TKC70…

  15. I like trying different tyres, although was tempted to put TKC 70 again, they were so good. The Avon’s are also really good, I will see how they will perform after 10.000km or so.

  16. I’m using tkc70. They corner very well, I can really throw my 1150gs into the corners. They’re quiet on the motorway. They cope well with hard packed off-road. They aren’t so great on wet grass or mud though.

  17. Pirelli scorpion trail II

  18. I currently have met tourances on and i dont really rate them… terrible in the wet, alot of road noise etc and square off quickly making cornering far from enjoyable.. not sure what to stick on next though

  19. Tyre noise shouldn’t be problem. Earplugs save our hearing for the future years. Wind noise around the helmet is very harming to our hearing.

  20. had two sets of Tourance Next caused a wobble! switched to Michelin pilot road 4’s .. Amazing on road wet or dry. off road I’ve no Idea but I think they will be fine on a gravel road.. not on Mud.

  21. Just put the anakee 3 on my bike and first impressions are really good! Only time will tell though. Interesting tread pattern on them.

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