Tyre wear question for YZF R1


Tyre wear question , is this as it should be or am I missing something, tyre pressure was as recommended on the day TIA.

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  1. Looks ok

  2. standard normal wear for that use 👍

  3. Looks right to me, after a track day is be pissed if it didn’t look like that

  4. Open the throttle earlier

    • Is that why there is a sudden change in the wear pattern ?

    • A little more aggression on the gas, that change should be a curve. It looks like you’re standing the bike up and gently rolling the power on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s safe but it’s not fast.
      But build up to it, high sides are painful.

    • that’s exactly what I’m doing, I try to eek a bit more throttle each session but clearly not nearly enough, also getting used to supercorsa tyres , never had anything that sticky , cheers for the advice

  5. Ask a expert if you want advice! You will just get reamed on here! 🤣 but from my limited knowledge, get on throttle a bit earlier and less coasting!

  6. What road was that on I bet it’s not the ones where I live lol

  7. Looks reasonable, the rippling indicates a slight issue but im not a suspension specialist so I won’t guess for you. Take it to somewhere like racelab suspension, MCT, 100% suspension etc. A specialist rather than someone who does it as a side gig. This is my tyre wear after 2 practice sessions, qualifying and a race. Conti slicks are quite forgiving of shit suspension and I know my shock is shagged but I bought the bike less than a week before the race weekend so have to run it as it stands 😂

  8. Tyres tearing somethings a miss with suspension setup

  9. Have you come off a track ? If so its other rubber getting stuck to your tire its a rubber booger you can peal them off

  10. Looks good to me Simon . Shows you’re trying.🤔

  11. As chicken strips go… all Looks OK🤣🤣

  12. suspension set up💪🏻

  13. Getting there

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