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Alright guys I need some advice from folks in the know. I should be receiving my 2021 6×6 XT this month and I want to go ahead and order another set of tires and wheels. I’m wanting to run the Super Swamper Bogger UTV tires in 31×9.5×14 (or 15’s) on all 6. My question is what all do I need to fit these? I’ve heard a lot about Jake’s arms in front…S3 springs to? Does it even have to be lifted? Wheel spacing? Can I get wheels spaced to keep the front and back in the same track? I know that’s a lot of questions but I know nothing about defenders. I’m coming from the Suzuki Samurai world so any advice would be greatly appreciated…

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  1. it arta run 31’s easy enuff

  2. I think any bigger and they will touch each other in the back. I haven’t seen anyone make arms to move the rear back? I think that is the only way I could go any larger?

  3. I think you need to get the dimension from center to center on the rear axles, and go from there.

  4. I saw a youtube video that says it will run 30’s with no mods needed. I just picked up my defender pro last weekend and ordered s3 springs and 3" lift but I am only putting 30’s on mine.

  5. I run 31′ XM 310’s on a stock machine no problem. 1′ spacers in the rear for my offset

  6. Search ostacruiser on YouTube and look at his defender. It shows what you need to run tires and what sizes

  7. Running 31′ xm 310 on my 6×6 with just pick lift. Shocks are still on lowest setting also. No rub.

  8. Put your money into a halo locker first

  9. I have arms for the 6×6 available. We raked the rear arms backwards and that allowed for the bigger tires and wheels. Running 35x20s on this one and could squeeze 37×22 on it. Give me a call at Outlaw Powersports 912 314 8141 be glad to help. Shipping this lift alot. Outkast Darin D’Pop Ballance makes the lift and its awesome.

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