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  1. Beta state that the X trainer was created for slow technical riding and not faster type of riding or competition…… The above is not from Beta and is only an independent view of uses of the bikes.

  2. Yep! Not for racing. If you want to race go for the 300rr.

  3. Totally agree, that graph is a very good layout of intended use

  4. Who cares,! Xtrainer is the best bike for me!!!!!

  5. Yip best for me too, I guess if you were looking for a bit of guidance when purchasing it would be good to see

  6. Really? I buy a bike, try it, if it’s right for me then it stays, all the reviews don’t mean shit, they don’t ride, fall off, struggle, like I do,

  7. No one bike will ever be right for all possibilities….. that why you need to buy 2 or 3 different ones…….. then sit in garage trying to decide which one to use…

  8. Ha ha guilty, I have three bikes

  9. My husband has the beta 390rr. I am very happy with my Xtrainer. He likes having two bikes for two different rides.

  10. Most people with the 300 RR don’t use the potential or available upper end power anyway.

  11. Love my 300 RR. I’ve used probably 70u0025 of its top end power and speed and I can say without question every ounce of power is extremely linear and controllable. No matter if it’s low, mid or top end the bike just pulls effortlessly. One of the best motors I’ve had the pleasure to twist the throttle on. Compared to the Xtrainer tho I’m sure you could feel a significant weight difference, although I’ve never ridden or even seen one in the flesh to compare it to.

  12. I chose the Xtrainer for the frame size. My XT is now more like a XTR. Fox Podium Shock, Marzochi 45mm forks, followed by a huge list of aftermarket parts.


  14. Yes it’s great to have a choice!

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