350 or 500 EXC-F


Question, currently I’m riding a 2014 690 enduro and a 1999 Suzuki rm 250 when the single track calls for a bit lighter bike. I’m thinking about replacing both with either a 350 or 500 exc-f. I have about 14 miles of street to cover to get to my riding area with a couple miles at 70 mph. Which would you choose and why? Sorry, no beta or husky dealer in my immediate area. I’m about 6’2” and 225lbs.

350 or 500 EXC-F

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  1. Lighter is more important than faster. A KTM350 or Beta390 will keep ya both light and fast.

  2. I’d get the 350 if your a good rider at your weight. 500 if you’re an average, lazy rider.

  3. This isn’t me, but it is the trails in southern MN at the Kato CycleClub that I’m a member of.


  4. 500, the weight difference isn’t that huge, but the power is.

  5. 500 EXCF would be perfect! You’re tall enough to ride without lowering as I had to..Just plan to do the Athena-Get,decork and de reed,you won’t believe what this bike will do.

  6. You all bring up really good points, keep em coming, and check out the video I commented with above. I think the weight will be the key issue with the slow terrain. But the 500 would have the addicting power like the 690. Argh, choices…

  7. I’m 6’3" at 210, I’ve got a 501
    Can ride trails all day and blast down the hwy if need be.
    Def go for the 500

  8. 500 for sure.

  9. The 350 comfy cruise speed is about 55 to 60 and the 500 is about 65 70 both great bikes but if you plan on more highway that tight single track I’d go 500

  10. I had a 2014 500xcw as my first KTM, but have transitioned full time to the 690. between the 500 and 350 there is 4 pounds and 10 hp. in Colorado we lose hp at altitude, which is why I started with the 500. my neighbor keeps 350 in my mancave, he’s heavier and shorter than me, but he does ok.

  11. I have a 350, I’ve put more than 1 300+ mile day on it, often riding 50-80 miles to the trail. I’m at around 12000 miles and refreshed with a 365 kit. The newfound torque with the extra ccs is fantastic. That said, after test riding the Beta 390 is what I wish I’d known about and bought 3 years ago.

  12. 500 for sure you will love the extra bottom end in the single track and can hammer down on the hwy

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