Thinking about getting an XTrainer!


Thinking about getting an XTrainer! I’m 6’2″ and about 90kg. Any taller riders with these bikes? Thanks!

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  1. Why not the RR? I’d think it’d be the better bike for you, the XT is going to be small.

  2. My husband is almost 6′. He rides my XT but if he were to get a bike it would have been the 300RR

  3. Your knee would hit the header pipe. It ‘s posistioned high, with your height, you would tend to ride too far back on the seat upsetting the chassis and effect handling. When you stand, the OEM handlebar setup would be too low. It would take a lot of mods to better the fit. 300RR would fit you better and still lightweight. It’s easier to modify a motor to suit your riding than modify the XT chassis to fit you tall frame.

  4. Go and sit on one.

  5. I’ve got the same question. Stopped by a local dealer and sat on one. Didn’t feel drastically different between this and a ’15 250rr. I’m the same height as you but a few more kg’s. I know risers and a tall seat would be a must for me. I’d like to get this bike versus the 300rr for a few reasons.

    Tamer and cheaper. I’m a c rider at best.

  6. With the right suspension setup, it should be no problem. I can ride my trials bike all day in the trails, shouldn’t be much different.

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