Best oil and oil filter for for CFMOTO ZForce 800


Best oil and oil filter for ZForce 800 ? . I just did my first oil change and I feel I have half the power / torque get up and go I had befor the oil change. What could I have done wrong? Ill do the change over if it means I get my power back.


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  1. What oil did you use and does it say energy-conserving on the certification label?

  2. You must remember if you did something else, the oil change does not have to do with so much loss of strength.

  3. I Use cfmoto filter and rotella T6 5w-40

    • Great oil. If its good enough for a hd diesel engine its more then good enough for our Zforce. Great price too.

  4. The only other thing I did was install a led back up light that is not turned on unless I switch a switch.. I did use a k&n oil filter but that was before I read not to use them.

    • Needs to approved for a wet clutch application.

    • I think it is that why I pick that oil.

    • That oil should be fine, so it’s not a wet clutch issue. Oils that specifically say “energy conserving” are to be avoided.

    • I use the same oil and it is fine.

    • All oils that we use must be suitable for ATV or motorcycle, never oils for cars, these do not have additives for clutches, nor add additives to the oil that are for cars, in my country (Argentina) the standard of ATV / UTV / Moto is JASO, which is a Japanese standard.

    • I have a Kawasaki 1500, model year 2000. I switched to this oil because someone with a similar motorcycle tried it and liked it. Major reason for me switching to this is because it was a full synthetic and very reasonably priced compared to other full synthetic motorcycle oils. I’ve put on 2000 miles since my oil change and I have started to notice severe clutch slippage. At first it was barely noticeable but as of right now, I have a hard time getting on the interstate without it slipping. Now, whether it is due to the recent oil change or some other Factor, I’m not sure if I would recommend this oil for anyone to use in a wet clutch motorcycle or not……This is what I found from an oil user you used…….

    • Marcelo, are you saying the shell rotella thats wet clutch certified is causing clutch slipping after 2000 miles ? Alot of us are using either T4 or T6 with zero issues. Its great oil and price. Mines had shell rotella T4 (non synthetic) since break in oil was removed. Im at 1650 miles.

    • Bill, I do not say, they say on the shell page, a user of this oil on motorbikes.

  5. This is the oil my cfmoto mechanic put in my uforce 800 with a K&n filter.


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