Oil Stabilizer Advice For Suzuki DRZ 400


Got an old 05 with 22k on her. Do any of you guys recommend putting an oil stabilizer in with new oil such as Lucas oil. Also is it ok to run and oil cleaner through before dropping the oil. Any help appreciated im a noob.

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  1. I’m curious as well I have a 2002.

  2. Just check your valve clearence.

  3. Run the motorcycle version of it. The normal isn’t jsoma rated.

  4. Oil stabilizer, but why? Change the oil once per year, even if you don’t run 6.000 km. If you don’t use at all, don’t bother with such stabilizers. Actually cold starts oxidise oil, but if you don’t use the bike, you can leave the oil for ages. However there is a rutine how to prepare a motorbike for such periods. If you use your motorbike for short city rides mostly, with many cold starts, or use it on high performance all the time, change the oil in 2-3000 km periods. Most of our stunt riders do it like this.

  5. Just use a good quality motorcycle oil and change it often. How often depends on how it’s used. For instance I use mine for a lot of single track and rugged terrain climbs ,so I change mine every 4 hours or so of run time.. YMMV.

  6. If it has sludge there are 2 schools of thought…

    1. Run seafoam in oil for a couple hours to break down sludge then change oil. I always run Amsoil.

    You may have to tear it down because that sludge will get pumped through the top end and clog everything.

    2. Leave the sludge there, stirring it up can cause more problems, run good oil and don’t worry about it until you have a problem. Then rebuild and run Amsoil.

  7. Just always drain the oil immediately after running it and getting it fully heated up. At that point, any crap in the case or tank should be well mixed with the oil and drain out with it. If splashing around hot oil in an engine doesn’t pick up the crap, then it shouldn’t be a concern.

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